What So Not Rolls Through Denver

     What So Not saw to it that Denver got a healthy dose of dance music this past Friday at Beta Nightclub. The streets were poppin’ and teeming with energy the night of What So Not’s (Emoh Instead’s) show. Right in the heart of downtown Denver, the Australian hailing producer thrust his music into the ears of his eager Colorado fans. To begin the night, Nadus lead the crowd through a series of hyphy tracks that shook the building with their Jersey-club bass. His set broke people out into some crazy footwork. The movement on both the upper level and ground floor seemed enough to shake the place down. But of course, What So Not would have the honor in doing that next.

     The front of the masses of people became too much for me when the headliner came out to take the decks. I wanted to get up as close as possible because Beta’s set up is so inclusive, but I preferred grooving up top where I could look down upon the sea of people instead. The place was roaring continuously from the moment Emoh took the reins till the second he closed his set up. I noticed a lovely placement of clips from What So Not’s famed Flying to Europe mix, and appreciated the familiarity.

     While cruising around the club and bar I couldn’t help but noticed how stoked everyone was just to be there. What a great way to start the 4/20 weekend with a bang. The opportunity to see What So Not in such an intimate setting is a rarity, but with Colorado’s ever-booming music scene- it comes to no surprise. Expect to see more dope artists shift from massive festivals to a club near you.

Written by: Melanie Gordon

Photos by: Emily Carlson