What So Not Comes to Denver

     What So Not comes to downtown Denver this Friday April 17th to enthuse fans at the famous BETA Nightclub. Giving the Rockies a little taste of what goes on in the electronic world down under, Australia’s Emoh Instead will likely play a slew of classic What So Not songs like “Jaguar” (2013), “7 Dollar Bill”, and “Love Theme” (both 2011). Hopefully he will spin some fresh tracks so we can get a taste of the new What So Not; as a one man success.

     The fabled What So Not duo, Flume and Emoh Instead, seized masses of American hearts these past few years. The duo played at countless music festivals and thousands of private venues; What So Not made their name more than just known, but sought after. This year was a big one for the dream team as Flume, Harley Streten, announced his departure from Emoh and recognized that he hadn’t been doing the majority of producing for What So Not anyways. Flume having a hugely successful career on his own allows for Emoh Instead to take over and show us what he’s got.

Aleksander Jason Photo

Aleksander Jason Photo

     BETA is notorious for it’s up-close-and-personal DJ to crowd set up. Merely a panel of glass will separate Denver fans from What So Not and the CDJs that Emoh will use to serve up his music. For a Friday night in Denver, Colorado, this show is sure to explode with hype and is definitely going to be sold out. Make sure to snag your tickets before the end of the week or you won’t be having fun what so ever. 

Tickets: http://wl.flavorus.com/event/What-So-Not-Nadus/287323?afflky=betanightclub

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/whatsonot


Written by: Melanie Gordon