Tribal Seeds Blazin' through Fort Collins

     All reggae fans in Colorado, especially those in Fort Collins, have been given the wonderful gift of Tribal Seeds, The Expanders, and Arise Roots coming to play downtown at the Aggie Theater on September 15th. All three southern California bands will join together for the Colorado leg of their 2015 Summer Smoke Out Tour. If you’re one to get irie under the moon with some rootsy reggae, $17 per ticket makes this show a must go.

     Tribal Seeds, the headlining band of the night, has been taking over the reggae scene since they dropped their first album in 2005, Youth Rebellion. Although they hail from sunny San Diego, their wildly energetic and soulful performances have harvested a dedicated fan base not only in Colorado, but around the world. Having seen them four times, I can attest that they are one of the best live reggae bands to take the stage in current time. Ranging from smooth, earthy melodies to hyphy, heavy dub; Tribal Seeds will have you dancing with your smile wide and eyes low.

Tribal Seeds are no strangers to Colorado. Photo by Good Days Photography

Tribal Seeds are no strangers to Colorado. Photo by Good Days Photography

     Before Tribal Seeds closes out the night in billows smoke, the two openers will be sure to warm everyone up. The Expanders are trading in their view of LA skyscrapers for the more mountainous vibe of The Rockies as they showcase a mellow, Roots Reggae performance. Also tagging along from Los Angeles is Arise Roots. With their slow and soothing sound similar to The Expanders, the night of the 15th is bound to be one for the books for Reggae fans.

     Doors will be opening at 8 PM, so get your legs and lungs ready for this harmonious night in Fort Collins. It would be smart to get your tickets online, and soon because such a stacked lineup could easily sell out The Aggie. 

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Written by: Cullen Lobe