Stooki Sound Conquered CU Boulder

     About 2 days after Stooki Sound brought down the house at Cervantes’ Other Side in Denver, it was time for them to do the same in Boulder on April 9th. Too bad “I’m Shmacked” wasn’t here to witness the madness, because CU went off on Thursday night. The Program Council put on a great show, bringing in the University of Colorado Boulder’s very own Hyperion and Toy Box as direct support. Club 156 slowly but surely filled up for the main act, and people attending the show were even able to meet all of the artists in a super laid-back environment. Stooki played a rowdy set; they had everyone raging face as they played banger after banger. “Moshpit”, “Uppers”, and “Wrist” are a few tunes everyone went absolutely nuts to, not to mention Stooki even had girls dancing on stage. And of course, they started a moshpit when “Moshpit” by Flosstradamus blew through the speakers.

     Honestly I had no idea that a show on campus could get this crazy. The crowd was definitely much smaller than the Denver crowd, but that didn’t even make a difference. Everyone was so into the performance, and I didn’t see one person standing still. You could really feel the energy in the room, and when I spoke to Stooki afterwards, they confirmed that it was turnt.

     When the music stopped at Club 156, the kids didn’t stop partying. After the show, I was fortunate enough to bring Jelacee and DJ Lukey of Stooki Sound to a traditional Boulder house party, where things were anything but traditional. The entire venue followed us to The Hill where Stooki played a short set in my friend’s living room. The house was packed, the music was LOUD, and the party was epic. I spotted people who weren’t at the show in my friend’s living room, and everyone raged in unison. Even though you could barely move, Thursday night on 18th street was legendary. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show at Club 156, as well as the after party. Damn Boulder, we really showed these London boys how we do it in Colorado.

Hope to see you guys again next year, Stooki! Cheers.

Written by: Annapurna Kreaden