The Disco Biscuits Groove Through Denver

     Last Wednesday night of April 15th I found myself filled with excitement and anticipation as I was on my way to the legendary Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado to see The Disco Biscuits for the first time. If you don’t live in Colorado or couldn’t make it the past four nights, I highly recommend you check them out in the future.

     Getting to the Ogden was easy; however parking was difficult and pricey. Luckily, the parking we paid for was directly across the street from the venue so the price proved to be worth it, especially in the cold. As I was walking from the car to the venue, the first thing I noticed was the diversity amongst the fans. People were dressed in all kinds of attire from Disco Biscuits hats and Grateful Dead t-shirts, to girls in “trippy” pants, but he most noticeable trend hands down was hats jam-packed and full of pins.  The crowd also had a wide age range; I met fans three times my age as well as some high school students. This wasn’t surprising, as the Disco Biscuits have been putting on shows longer than I’ve been alive.

     Their twenty years of experience was truly showcased at this event. Each of the four members of the band had their times to shine and successfully showcased their elite technical abilities. Their first set of the night was full of classic songs like “The Rainbow Song” and “Home Again.” Each song flowed melodiously into the next. If you love rock music but also appreciate a newer-sounding electronic element, this is the show for you. The Disco Biscuits definitely jammed hard but also included ethereal sounds that, at times, produced a tropical vibe.

     During the hour long break, I utilized my time by getting to know the other fans who were all super friendly. I asked them their favorite part of the first half and they unanimously responded with “42.” When I asked another fan what he was looking most forward to in the second half, he said he was looking forward to more classical elements. The second half had everyone, including myself, up and dancing with “Munchkin Invasion” invading our eardrums. Their set came to a close with “Rockafella” as the encore. Although the music came to a stop, the energy of the crowd persisted through the night. 

Written by: Emily Carlson

Photos by: Lee Potter