A Must-Know Acronym: FKJ

     After conducting research regarding the Parisian DJ, French Kiwi Juice, I’ve come to a critical conclusion: any and all serious house / electronic / techno connoisseurs should promptly file for a passport and book the first flight to Europe, preferably to the UK or France. Visit YouTube and see for yourself the extensive evidence that confirms my recommendation. You’ll soon discover with delight that the beloved television show, Skins (UK version, obviously), is wildly accurate in its depiction of the Europe’s magnificent club scene. On May 13th FKJ will make a pit stop at Denver’s The 1up-Colfax.

     French Kiwi Juice, better known as FKJ, is making major moves in the industry and quickly distinguishing himself among the music gods/goddesses residing across the Atlantic. He is known for his ridiculously smooth, chromatic masterpieces showcasing seamless production and captivating instrumentation.

     FKJ picked up the saxophone at age 7, back when playing an instrument “was more like playing tennis.” At 12, he began composing and imitating music he relished, utilizing his self-taught guitar and piano capabilities.

     FKJ’s EP The Twins was widely accepted in the house community, seducing fans with tracks like “Tell me the truth” and “Bad habit”. His graceful evolution as an artist is illustrated in proceeding EPs, The Take Off and Time for a Change, which feature his further developed, characteristic sound.

     Fortunately for us musically underprivileged Americans, FKJ is making the global rounds with several glorious pit stops in the US. On May 13th, he’ll play with fellow Roche Musique artist, Darius, at Denver’s The 1up-Colfax. This up and coming intimate venue features impossibly talented line-ups week in and week out, including its Wednesday shows thrown by theHundred Presents and Souls in Action. If the 1Up isn’t on your venue radar, it should be now.

     Come get down with Bass Feeds the Soul and two brilliant house ambassadors. Tickets are less than $10, you’d be a fool to miss out.

FKJ is the kiwi of fruit juices, and that's something we could all sip more of

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/fkj-2~If you’re crafty, you could be his 100,000th follower!

Instagram: @frenchkiwijuice ~Wow FJK, those locks are amazing

Written by: Haley Midzor

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