Pumped Up with The Presets at The Fonda

The Fonda housed a family Friday night, September 28th, as The Presets took the stage. The audience buzzed with excitement even before the band took the stage, but as soon as the first note rang out, fists outnumbered phones as people raised their hands ready for a good time. The Australian duo brought people together with bop after bop.

The Presets make you feel as though you’ve been invited to an anarchist event fueled by love. The fanbase is a diverse crowd of all ages and backgrounds who came together to headbang to songs like Do What You Want. People screamed, yelled, and sang their hearts out all while smiling. The Fonda was packed with people from the floor to the balcony, as they danced with old and new friends. An array of mesmerizing visuals filled the background as trippy animations bumped along to the beats.

They are a well oiled machine and played an almost two hour set that was jam packed with hard hitting songs. They both sported calm demeanors and basic outfits as the music did all the performing. They played on opposite sides of the stage, drums on one and vocals and keyboards on the other. The drummer, Kim Moyes, crossed over to join Julian Hamilton, the lead vocalist, and play their synth heavy songs.

The highlight of the night was during their most popular song My People. As soon as the first note rang out, the crowd cheered in utter adulation. Hamilton stepped away from behind the keyboard and went straight to the fan’s hands. He was met with outstretched arms and an audience that knew every word.

The dancing didn’t stop until the last note played and people cheered as The Presets waved their final goodbye.

Written by:
Janae Marable
Photos by: Janae Marable