The Post Future Takeover - Black Box Edition


Post Future Takeover

Feat. Otto Von Schirach, FRQ NCY, Mindset, Leet, Levitation Jones, Ludge, Rest in Pierce, and Grime Theory
The Black Box
Denver, CO
September 20 + 21, 2018


From the creative minds behind the sound, culture, and innovation of Post Future Music comes a very special 2 day take over in September at none other than your favorite venue, The Black Box.

With everything Denver and underground bass in mind, they're bringing us two glorious evenings of music from their stacked house of DJ’s. Thursday, September 20th features the talents of Otto Von Schirach, FRQ NCY, Mindset, and Leet. Levitation Jones, Ludge, Rest in Pierce, and Grime Theory grace our presence on Friday, September 21st.

On night one, we welcome the bizarre and flavorful Otto Von Schirach to the booth. Headlining his first show at the Black Box, his Miami bass and Cuban influences are uniquely crafted into a deep, strange bass and lyrical concoction. His personality is cleverly displayed through his creative multi-sensory experience of ‘what was that’ and irresistible trance-like bass lines.

FRQ NCY will be gearing us up for that strange -ish with his own delicious take on bass music. Deep, guttural bass lines and intriguing layers laid on top to entrance your dancing bones. We can’t wait to grind and groove to this Atlanta natives' nasty sound.

Deeply satisfying bass mixed in with some saucy hip hop samples? Check. Vibed out trance blurred in to lasers and tense build ups? Check. Ready for a ride? If so, then be there for Mindset. Check it out for yourself.


Leet will be making his debut in the mile high city and we are thrilled to welcome his innovative bass sound. He recently played a nasty set at The Untz this summer and you can catch it here.

Written by: Jenna Gutierrez
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