Carefree In Orange Country With Mura Masa

Mura Masa put the crowd into a hypnotic trance at The Observatory OC on Thursday, August 24th. There was an unspoken electricity in the audience as they waited in anticipation for him to take the stage. He instantaneously won over the crowd within the first bar of his opening song “Messy Love” as he eased them into a night of letting go.

Next up on the set list was “Complicated” where he was joined by vocalist Fliss, a soon to be icon, who effortlessly covered all the features. She brought the energy to a whole other level and transported the audience to a dance hall with her care free hair flips. As the night wore on Mura Masa was a mad genius behind his wall of over five different instruments. His reserved demeanor was charming as he let his music speak for itself as he played hit after hit.

Deep into the concert the crowd repeatedly got more and more hyped. The biggest shift in energy happened with the first notes of “What If I Go?” - every hand in the venue was up in the air (even the security guards were dancing). The stunning music video played in the background and was accompanied by an insane light show that captured the energy perfectly. The lyrics “wherever you go I’m going with you babe” rang out making people fall in love left and right.

The last note played and he humbly exited the stage thanking the audience, but as soon as he was out of sight the chanting began- “One more song! One more song!” He re-entered and played “Firefly” as his encore. The crowd belted out the lyrics so loud that they drowned out Fliss. Mura Masa and Fliss were all smiles watching the crowd go insane as they savored every last moment.

Written by: Janae Marable
Photos by: Janae Marable