Get Mersiv At Cervantes' Other Side



Cervantes' Other Side
Denver, CO
August 29, 2018

Pretty. Dark. Loud.

For fans of bass music, nothing else really matters. Anderson Benoit Gallegos, a.k.a Mersiv, is truly a diamond in the rough and emerging through the electronic/bass music scene. An ethereal mixture of wompy sounds and guttural drops, concocted with intuitive and original mixing makes his sets (“downtempo” or otherwise) something to behold. His Electric Forest sets were nothing short of out of this world and his fans are especially looking forward to an evening with a true master of music. 

An intimate throwdown at Cervantes' Other Side is planned for Wednesday, August 29 with support from Joe Nice, Xenolinguist, Mikey Thunder and Jordan Polovina. Mark your calendars because the show is next Wednesday.

Buy tickets by clicking the button below. Get ready Denver, we'll see you all for an evening to remember at The Other Side!

Listen to Mersiv's song and mix below now to hear some FIRE:

Written by: Phil Hassell
*Photographs used are not property of Bass Feeds The Soul and belong to their respective owners