The Basshead Pilgrimage: The Mothership

by Dylan Armstrong

It’s officially August and the eclectic, bass-pounding sounds of Bassnectar are just three short weeks away from invading Hampton, Virginia. Bass Center, one of Bassnectar’s inaugural events will be taking place at the Hampton Coliseum – best known to us as ‘The Mothership’. The party begins Labor Day weekend and Bassheads will come from near and far to experience this special event.

Dropping from the three days as in preceding years to two days, Bass Center is set for September 1st and 2nd. Fans will be treated to two, purely Bassnectar sets after opening acts like Noisia, Ana Sia, Ill-Esha, Stylust, Barclay Crenshaw and Hatcha, bless the stage.

Prior to the show each night, The Lot will be returning (for all those BCX vets who remember). If you like to set the mood before the event and pre-party with the fam, make sure to get there early! There will be food trucks, vendors, a Love Here booth, Activation Zones, and even some live music – lineup TBA! Sounds like the perfect way to prepare your mind, body and soul for the one-of-a-kind adventure a Bassnectar performance takes you on.  

As if that is not enough…The Haven will return! If you need a breather or just a place to chill amidst the wonderful chaos, don’t hesitate to visit The Haven. There are tons of chill-out areas, food/water vendors, a gift altar, massages and MORE!

To truly understand how amazing Bass Center and Bassnectar’s community really is, we asked a few Bassheads why they decide to return to Bass Center and what makes Bassnectar so special to them!

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

Photo by aLIVE Coverage


Callie, Atlanta – “I can’t wait to go back to Bass Center because it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Surrounded by so many members of the community, I really felt the love all around … I can’t put into words why Bassnectar is so special to me. His music pulled me out of some of the darkest places and for that I am so thankful.”

Nicole, New Jersey – “Bass Center was my first ever curated event which makes it feel like home to me. Bassnectar has not only brought me out of my shell socially, but he has brought me closer to people from all corners of the Earth and walks of life. The people I’ve met and the places I’ve traveled to, just to see him, have given me memories to last a lifetime.”

Evan, Atlanta-“Bass Center was the first curated event that I truly felt like I belonged. I had been following Nectar around for years and in ’16, I finally took the leap and went. I will go every year because the vibes never change. Bassnectar has changed my life for the better, in so many ways – his music helped me out of some dark times and even connected me with my life partner. I’m so grateful.”

Megan, Ohio – “Bassnectar is so special to me because his music feels nostalgic. I’m coming back to Bass Center for the same reason I go to any event … it’s like group therapy. The community which preaches endless love, acceptance and empathy is something very special to me. I can travel to these events alone and be 100% confident that I will not be alone.”

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

If you still haven’t scooped your tickets, or you’re on the fence about going, you still have time! GA - $120, VIP - $240; 18+ event, Doors open at 6pm/ Show at 7pm

From one Basshead to another, see you at the Mothership!