Global Dub Returns in Epic Fashion

       Colorado has been come to known by many as the premier bass capital of America thanks to it’s continual support of up and coming electronic acts for the past century. Whether it be dubstep, drum & bass, trap, or melodic bass, the promoters at Global Dance have done a phenomenal job at staying up to date with the latest trends in electronic dance music. Time and time again Colorado is lucky enough to enjoy one of the most affluent concert environments in the nation giving way to some of the biggest events of the summer.  In just a few short weeks, Global Dub Music Festival will be returning to the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater on May 20th for an unforgettable evening full of some of the biggest names in electronic music. By cultivating a lineup with some of hottest acts in dubstep to compliment up and coming melodic bass acts, this event is set to be nothing short of spectacular. With performances from Flux Pavillion, Illenium, Crizzly, ARMNHMR, and Wilkinson amongst others, this year’s rendition of Global Dub is set to be the biggest and most diverse show to date. The tag “Global Dub” certainly has a connotation that evokes thoughts of hard-core heavy hitting sets from start to finish. While some of the artists on the bill might not exclusively release dubstep, I can assure you that every artist on the bill is extremely well versed in the hottest tracks of the summer and will surely be compiling a set jam packed with some of the biggest bangers imaginable. 

Now I know what you might be thinking. Why should I spend money on this concert over one of hundred other fantastic events going on this summer? Although Global Dub might not be the biggest event to take place in Colorado this summer, I can assure you this show is one of the most valuable. With co-headlining performances from Flux Pavillion and Illenium, you’re essentially paying for the price to see just one of these acts with the added benefit of getting to see the other for free. These artists are in extremely high demand and if you don’t feel like shelling out upwards of $400 for a music festival, this is the best bang for you buck. I can guarantee you that every single act on this bill has a very bright future ahead of them and I highly doubt you will see these acts on the same bill anytime soon. Pair the awesome music with 80 degree weather at one of the most beautiful venues in the world and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable evening. Whether you’re planning on attending with a bunch of friends, your significant other, or just going solo, this lineup has something for everyone.

Up and coming artists ARMNHMR have been dominating the scene over the course of the past year with official remixes of Adventure Club and the Chainsmokers to compliment some of the most unique melodic bass music that I’ve heard in quite some time. Each and every track this duo puts out contains an unparalleled amount of energy that varies from chilled out originals as heard in “Wings” to the pent up emotional explosion of their newest single “WANT U”. One listen through their discography and it’s hard not to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into creating the surreal atmosphere’s that have made this duo stand out amongst the crowd. On the heavier side of the spectrum their release “NEED YOU” goes to show that this duo is capable of tackling just about any style imaginable with immense power. 

I definitely don’t need to give Illenium a standard introduction as he’s quickly grown into Colorado’s most in demand artist. Whether it’s the hundreds of sold out headlining shows or performances on the main stage at every major festival in the country, Nick Miller has discovered a style that strikes a chord with everyone. By combining melodic influences with sensual guitar riffs atop strong orchestral drums, Illenium has perfected the future bass style and is currently moving into the electro-pop realm with ease. Despite all the fame Illenium has garnered, I’ve yet to see anyone call him out for “selling out” which in my eyes is a true testament to the idea that his music transcends typical genre boundaries. For those of you who are complaining that Illenium doesn’t make dubstep, you’ve clearly never been to one of shows. Miller is well rooted in the dubstep scene establishing friendships with everyone from Seven Lions to Jauz and even Datsik. Case in point, Illenium will be bringing the fire and was recently quoted on a live stream as noting that Global Dub that this show will be the last time he “gets completely wild” for quite some time. As he branches out and experiments with live performances, this could be one of your last chances to witness a hybrid Illenium set that has caught this critic’s attention time and time again. Illenium is currently in the midst of releasing his second full length album and from the support originals such as “Fractures” and “Sound of Walking Away” have gained in the short time since they’ve been released there’s not a doubt in my mind that Illenium will be back headlining this lineup come next summer. As for you diehard Illenials out there, Nick has been teasing a bunch of unreleased music recently and I expect Global Dub to be no different.


As far as Flux Pavilion’s set goes, anyone who’s been to one of his show’s over the course of the past few years can attest to why this man has been regarded as one of most talented artists of our generation. Whether it was his track “I Can’t Stop” which made a huge resurgence last summer or new releases from Circus Records “Pull the Trigger” and “Cut Me Out”, Flux Pavilion continues to push dubstep boundaries time and time again. Flux’s ability to combine melodic chord progressions with jaw dropping synths makes for a live experience unlike any other and this set is sure to be no different. By running his own record label Flux is able to keep up to date with some of the best up and coming tracks and gladly reps these rising artists throughout his sets. At this point in his career Flux has solidified himself as one of the most flawless dubstep DJ’s and anyone who attended his headlining set at Safe in Sound in Broomfield or his surprise set at Cervantes in Denver can attest to the amount of diversity each and every one of his sets contains. Personally, Flux stands out to me for his unique ability to stick to his roots with continually challenging the limitations of dubstep. To many, dubstep is almost exclusively limited to live shows and festivals but Flux has done a phenomenal job at using dub influences in a way that appeals to a much wider audience. 

Along with performances from dubstep legends Crizzly and Spag Heddy, drum & bass connoisseur Wilkson, and local act Templo this event is set to be absolute madness from start to finish. With so much talent on one bill, I strongly suggest grabbing your tickets while supplies last. Tickets are still available for a more than reasonable price of just $60 before fees and with so many rising stars on one bill, this price point is an absolute steal for the demand these artists are gaining with each release that passes. Who knows when the next time these acts will be back through Colorado so don’t miss your chance to enjoy some of the nations best bass acts at the best venue on the planet. Let’s rage Colorado!


Written By: Cooper Turley