Excision's Paradox Returns to Denver

    Excision will return to Denver this March tearing a T-rex size hole in our reality, riding on the back of his Paradox production. For those that went to this event last year, no preview of whats to come is needed. To those who haven't witnessed Excision (Jeff Abel) live, any attempt to describe one of his sets with simple words would be doing him and his team a disserves. This man/beast behind the lights and sound is the heaviest and loudest bass music producer on this planet... His Paradox tour will leave you question if what you're witnessing is real or a vibrational dream, while leaving your face puddled at your feet along with every other headbanger in the venue. Excision's sound can only be compared to that of a planetary force; with bass that vibrates your whole body from head-to-toe, Abel brings sound, lighting, and a rigging team like nothing you've ever seen before. With support from heavy hitters Dion Timmer, Barley Alive, Funtcase, and Cookie Monsta. The Paradox will start at 100 and stay there all night. Many of the opening acts having featured songs on Excision's "Virus" album, and who; like the T-rex himself, have a power level well over 9000.   

   Jeff (Excision) Abel hails from Kelowna, Canada. Himself, producer/DJ Troy Beetles (Datsik), and Sean Casavant (Downlink) grew up only houses away from each other, they began collaborating early on in their careers with songs like "Vindicate- Datsik ft.Excision", and the infamous "Robbo Kitty- Downlink ft. Excision" the threesome set themselves atop the pyramid of bass music producers early in the game. With new collaborative bangers like, "Redemption" being released on Datsik's new "Sensei" EP it is clear that the evolution in both Able and Beatle's unique sounds and songs will continue to amaze on and off the stage for as long as the producers continue to create 

This last year was one of incredible success for Excision's team, playing shows and festivals all over the country The Paradox was the largest stage and production they have done to date. This year's Paradox returns with further enhancements and upgrades to the lighting and visuals, Abel's incredible sound design is accompanied by the raw power of 150,000 watts of PK sound giving the Paradox volume like nothing you’ve ever heard; while remaining clean and stable regardless of how loud the T-rex roars. Last years Paradox was one of the best sounding and loudest shows I have personally ever been to, the low frequencies had my whole body vibrating and much of my dancing involved standing still spellbound by the incredible sound and lights. It is highly recommended that anyone aiming for a spot on the barricade wear earplugs or come to terms with the idea of being temporarily deaf for at least a few days post Paradox     

  Purchase your ticket to the nearest Paradox event you can find as soon as you can, bring water, a squad consisting of only the hardest headbangers' and bass heads, making sure to have at least one person who would be capable of carrying your exhausted body from the crowd; buddy system. Excision and his team are bringing this tour all over much of the United States starting February 2nd in Nebraska and ending in California March 31st, with a two-night stop in the bass capital Denver, Colorado March 17th and 18th. This will be the second time Excision brings the 1st Bank center's roof down around 10,000 headbangers, and if the Denver crowd is lucky it may see a few special additions to the Paradox that most other venues won't; but we'll have to wait and see. Tickets for most shows are still available pricing averaging $50 – $100 depending on seating.  

The paradox is much more than a rave, concert, or show, it is an experience that can only be felt and witnessed to its fullest extent in person, get your ticket now!  

A Bass Feeds The Soul Preview by: Soren Pietrangelo