Griz Returns to Funk Up Red Rocks

    Grant Kwiecinski, better known by his stage name Griz, is all set to take over a sold out Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a second year in a row this Sunday, September 4th. Following his biggest year to date, Griz has been taking over the electronic scene as one of the most well-known artists around. Festivals and shows around the country are full of fans rocking Griz shirts, hats, and even socks. With over 250k Soundcloud followers its safe to say that almost all of them made their way out to support Griz over the course of the past year. Griz has been busting away in the studio and following the release of singles “Before I Go” and “Can’t Hold Me Down” fans can expect the first taste of his newest studio album. 

    If for any reason you aren’t already familiar with Griz’s music, I strongly recommend heading over to his Soundcloud page for a musical indulgence unlike anything you’ve heard before. Combining elements of funk, soul, rock, dubstep, trap, and future bass, Griz has perfected his sound and continues to break down barriers time and time again. Meshing captivating drum loops with breathtaking chord voicing to compliment back-breaking drops, Griz defies the laws of sounds.

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any better, he releases a track that completely blows you away. Along with live saxophone riffs adding an in the moment sensation, Griz’s sets can be described as one of the most euphoric time frames you will ever experience. With so much positive energy flowing throughout the crowd, a Griz show leaves you feeling like you can take on the world. It’s no wonder the Griz Facebook Family has grown to over 6,000 members strong. 

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I highly recommend taking a step back in time to “Mad Liberation” for a taste of some of the beats that put Griz on the map. Songs like “Mr. B” and “The Future Is Now” are hands down some of the most engaging and energetic future-funk tracks electronic music has ever witnessed. As you move along to “Rebel Era” you can feel the progression and experimentation with songs such as “DTW to DIA”. His next album, “Say It” continued to push the limits on the amount of energy a track can contain. Tracks such as “Funk Party” and “Stop Trippin’” immediately leaves your foot tapping and your head bobbing. With so much amazing music being released in the past 4 years, it’s hard to imagine anything the tops the unbelievable discography Griz has already unveiled. 

    Be on the lookout very a special Big Grizmatik performance as the trio has been working on a bunch of new heaters over the course of the summer. Seeing as no openers have been announced, I would be willing to bet we’re in for a special “Chasing the Golden Hour” set to welcome in an amazing night. As mentioned above, ticket for this event are sold out. Don’t lose hope, as members of the Griz Family have been known to grant many miracles since Griz’s meteoric rise to stardom. Doors are all set to open at 6 and I strongly suggest making your way inside soon thereafter in order to enjoy his show to it’s fullest potential. This show is one that you won’t soon forget and I look forward to sharing a funktastic evening with Colorado’s most loving individuals. 

Written By: Cooper Turley