Manila Killa Takes Over DENVER

    Have you and your friends been looking for some captivating, euphoric, future bass shows to attend following the tragic cancellation of Re-Up Wednesdays? Well look no future. Rising Melodic Future Bass sensation Chris Gavino, better known by his stage name Manila Killa, is set to take over the Larimer Lounge in Denver this Saturday, June 4th. As a co-founder of one of the hottest up and coming collectives, Moving Castle, Chris is on the forefront of what is surely the future of electronic music. You might recognize the name from his groundbreaking remix of Dawn Golden’s “All I Want”, or his debut single “All That’s Left”. Racking up tens of millions of plays on Soundcloud alone, it’s truly no surprise that Manila Killa is about to break 80k followers on this one platform alone. With the recent release of his second original “Youth”, one listen exemplifies the style of melodic future bass that Manila Killa has perfected. 

    Manila Killa’s “Helix 2.0” has racked up almost a million plays as the Moving Castle 2015 anthem. Chris has teamed up with producers such as Gryffin, Bearson, and AOBeats just to name a few. Not to metion, it might be interesting to note that Manila Killa is also half of the deep house duo Hotel Garuda. Manila’s influences are clearly seen in tracks such as their remix of Kiiara’s “Feels” and Banks “Beggin for Thread”. You can definitely expect one hell of a performance incorporating a plethora of musical styles ranging from future bass to deep house, idie, trap, and hip-hop influences. Manila likes to keep it fresh and often incorporates some throwbacks to spice things up. 

    With opening support from up and coming future bass locals Ananda and Coopahtroopa, this night is sure to be jam packed with talent from top to bottom. Both of these producers have a great taste in music that is sure to perfectly compliment Manila Killa’s set. Be sure to check out the Soundcloud links for a better of taste of what you can expect to hear. For an extremely reasonable price of just $10 before fees, it seems illogical not to grab your ticket while supplies still last. After an exceptional performance at the 1UP a few months back, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show sold out. Be sure to make your way out shortly after doors open in order to enjoy this show to it’s fullest potential. Here’s to making June 4th a night to remember Denver!

Written By: Cooper Turley 

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