More vital than music that makes us feel good, is the music that brings our imaginations alive.

The recent passing of David Bowie and Prince has reminded us all of the hard reality that even the godliest of men don't survive our mortal condition. For our complicated hearts, they gave up their anonymity to celebrate their unique gift of crossing over musical genres and genders. Their unique ways of being comfortable with their own sexuality, music and gender pushed us to move to our feet, but most importantly, it moved society to accept all the ambiguous lifestyles that today, allow our communities to thrive. As men markedly ahead of their time Prince and Bowie retained the right to fearlessly be themselves and allowed others to do the same forever after.

Join us in Denver this Thursday at Club Vinyl to immortalize these dancing souls, and the musical progression they brought to life.

So, let's dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

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Written by Aisha DeMorsella