Reflectionz On Sam Gellaitry

Sam Gellaitry, the nineteen-year-old producer and DJ, is unbelievably talented to say the least. His show in Denver at Cervantes’ Other Side on Sunday, April 24th showcased his ability to create an artistic set that not only catered to his audience’s energy, but also melodiously flowed with seamless transitions. He did not say a word during his set and instead made the music his form of dialogue. As the crowd was talking amongst themselves awaiting his performance, everyone began to face the stage as Sam Gellaitry played his first song around 11 PM.

His set included original tracks such as “Reflectionz” off his latest EP, Short Storiesand “Long Distance” from his Escapism EP. As Hudson Mohawke and Rustie play a role in Sam Gellaitry’s musical influences, he incorporated Hudson Mohawke X Lunice’s track “TNGHT” and Rustie’s “Big Catzz” and “Dreamzz” into his set. Sam Gellaitry’s set consisted of an ideal balance between his original tracks, as well as other artists’ tracks that encompass analogous sounds he features in his music.  

The stage setup proved that less is more. Sam Gellaitry simply stood on an elevated platform with the crowd only a few feet away. This candid setup made it easy for the performer and crowd to interact. With Cervantes’ Other Side’s capacity being four hundred, the performance was intimate. You could see the first three rows dancing and headbanging nonstop to Sam Gellaitry’s set, always in awe to which song would play next. The crowd roared as Sam Gellaitry dropped his electrifying crowd pleaser, “Long Distance”. The strobe lights ranging from red, blue, and green, reflected off the chandeliers above his head and illuminated the stage as the chorus of the song played. In that moment, you could see a smile on his face that made the crowds’ thunders reverberate throughout the venue the loudest it had been all night.

Every Coloradan at the show was lucky to see Sam Gellaitry play his first set in The Rockies.

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Written by: Kimberlyanne Tan
Photography by: Kimberlyanne Tan