Safe In Sound Epic Broomfield Return

      Safe in Sound took over the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado with glowing colors. Fans of all different ages and tastes came together for a night full of some of the best DJ sets the electronic scene had to offer. With opening performances form local rising stars Paws and Decadon, the venue quickly reached 75% less than two hours into the event. Just a Gent added some electronic diversity with his rendition of heavy hitting future bass and love trap. Followed by a grimy trap set from up and coming artists LAXX, in my personal opinion he set the stage perfectly for the man who stole the show, Zomboy. Bringing the heat by mixing multiple tracks at once, the energy in Zomboy’s set was nothing short of phenomenal. It was hard for Borgore to top the energy Zomboy had raised, but I have to give him credit for doing an excellent job at playing directly to the audiences taste. His stage presence really helped keep the fans engaged as he combined dubstep and trap influences with future bass tracks and deep house fusing a set that was unique, captivating, and euphoric. 

     As mentioned above, Safe in Sound was lucky enough to host some of Colorado’s best up and coming local talent. With both Paws and Decadon bringing a huge range of diversity and energy, these sets were nothing short of the perfect note to start off a memorable evening. Decadon dropped unreleased tracks, live edits, and new collabs to compliment an hour and a half set highlighted by electric guitar solos and DJ mashes that really got the crowd moving. 

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Following his neck-breaking performance, the long awaited arrival of Just A Gent was met with a set much different from the other talent on the bill. Just a Gent managed to keep the energy high dropping classics of songs such as the Lion Kings “Circle of Life” along with unreleased tracks including an unreleased remix of Illenium’s “Fortress”. The heavy hitting progressive house influence paired perfectly with his newest title “Stories to Tell”. It was evident from every angle of the crowd that everyone was having a blast.

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    This led perfectly into the trap superstar LAXX bringing the heat with his grungy synths and heavy hitting 808s that rocked the venue from front to back. Not a fan was safe as LAXX proceeded to absolutely demolish the venue from start to finish. Dropping bangers from artists such as QUIX, Boombox Cartel, and Flux Pavilion, I don’t think anyone was ready for what LAXX had up his sleeve. Luckily, LAXX’s high energy performance was the perfect segway into the highlight of the night.

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    Many are familiar with the name Zomboy. He’s been noted as the king of dubstep, racking up over 300k Soundcloud followers and selling out nationwide tours year after year. After his set at Safe in Sound, it’s easy to understand why. From the moment Zomboy took the stage, the entire venue turned the energy up a few notches. Fans were seen rocking gear from every corner of the 1st Bank Center and when Zomboy proceeded to drop “Like A B*tch” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a venue lose their minds as much as the crowd on that evening. There wasn’t a lull for a singly second from the moment Zomboy took over the decks. Dropping his remixes of the Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down” and Delta Heavy’s “Ghost” complimented by bangers such as Rickyxsan and Dirty Audio’s “Gettin’ That” I can honestly say this was hands down one of                                                                                                                                 the best DJ sets I’ve seen in quite some time. 

    Borogore was able to close out the night in an emphatic fashion by introducing a number of unreleased tracks and collaborations. It was evident Borgore was hard at work in the studio ever since launching his new label and the new outlet to discover talent sure paid off in this set. Borgore diversified his set with tracks from so many up and coming artists that it’s truly hard to list them all in one post. It’s no surprise that Borgore is one of the largest names in the electronic scene and after his set at Safe in Sound, I’m sure he was able to expand his already gigantic fan base by a number of new fans.

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    All and all, Safe in Sound was a huge success. By the end of the night, fans could be seen getting down together from every inch of the venue. The stands were packed to top to bottom and the floor was completely full from the rail past the sound booth. New friends were being made left and right and it was really awesome to watch so many unique individuals being united by a common love for music. The promoters of this event did a perfect job at curating the right lineup for what Colorado expected and deserved. After such a great night, it’s safe to say that we can expect “Safe in Sound” to return to Broomfield for another crazy night again next year. 

Written By: Cooper Turley