Porter Robinson x Madeon Captured Los Angeles' Heart

Photo by Kimberlyanne Tan

Photo by Kimberlyanne Tan

After Porter Robinson and Madeon expressed that the ‘Shelter’ tour is a once in a lifetime experience and they would part ways after the tour, I knew their show at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 26th would be one of the most special nights in electronic dance music history. I made sure to treasure every minute, sound, and smile. From their music to their aura, there is something electrifying about this duo. It’s no wonder Porter Robinson and Madeon easily sold out three nights in Los Angeles.

Around midnight, I could feel the angst in the air as the lights dimmed. As I lowered my head to check my watch, there was a sudden roar from the crowd. Porter Robinson and Madeon seized the stage, each person standing in front of a monumental rectangle screen. The duo played a seamless balance of each of their personal classics such as Porter Robinson's “Sad Machine” into Madeon’s “You’re On” and renditions of one another’s work such as Porter Robinson’s version of Madeon’s “Beings”. Each song was divine and enhanced by drums, keyboards, and live vocals on quite a few tracks such as their collaboration single “Shelter”.

Porter Robinson and Madeon were consumed by the music as much as the crowd was. It was moving to see the artists engaging the audience, their beaming faces infecting those attending. It left Porter Robinson and Madeon with the gratification of captivating the venue into a reverie. I have never seen more dedicated fans than at this show. At times the crowd was as loud as the music, each person singing their heart out and some moved to tears. I was able to speak with a few attendees in order to grasp what this show meant to them.  

Juan Lebumfacil

Both Porter Robinson and Madeon personally mean so much to me. They are both incredibly young, talented and skilled producers who I believe can only get bigger from this point forward. I love both of them for how amazing their production is and how much effort they put into creating their live sets more than just an auditory experience. You are really taken into another place when you see their live sets. Prior to the ‘Shelter’ tour, I've seen Porter Robinson 6 times and Madeon 5. They are the only two artists I don't mind seeing over and over again. I also met Porter Robinson when I went to see his DJ set in the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas. He is a really genuine and kind guy and very much like us, I found it hard to believe that a normal person can create such amazing music. Porter's music has helped me through a lot of hardships since I discovered him, I have ">I'll be okay" from "Language" tattooed on my ankle and Porter's Kaomoji on the other side. No other artist has touched my life the way Porter has, and though I'm a bigger Porter fan than Madeon I listen to both their music just equally as often. I try to go to as many Porteon shows as possible because I don't think this will ever happen again. Both of them are headed in very different directions in their career paths and music styles so this 'Shelter' tour is the only time in the near future that they can do something like this. I don't think anyone else in the electronic music industry can replicate their work and the feeling their shows can give. It's a one-of-a-kind experience and I won't be able to find it anywhere else

Kevin Lee

I’ve been a Porter Robinson fan and a Madeon fan before their respective debut albums. I think what fascinates me is both the change in style from just hard hitting songs to music that conveys emotion and is thought provoking especially with visuals that compliment them. With their music I feel more open to expressing myself. For example, I love anime and games and used to think people had a negative view on people like me, but Porter Robinson was very open with his love for the same things. I felt like I shouldn’t hide it and instead embrace that side of me. Madeon shows his passion through his Launchpad and proves you don’t need a Pioneer CDJ to have great sets. It really opens a world to how he plays samples during a set. Live sets have always been around and in a way Porter Robinson and Madeon helped resurface them for electronic artists. I think what sets this apart from any other live set is that it’s two different artists that are best friends/rivals. They do mashups of each other songs as well their own take on each other’s songs. Like when Madeon did a live edit for Porter’s “Flicker”, it was almost like Madeon was saying “This is how I envision this song and express it in my own way.” If I were to rank my top 3 favorite songs of the Shelter tour it would be 1. Beings - Shelter (Live Remix), 2. Finale vs Cut the Kid - Shelter (Live Mashup), and 3. Sea of Voices - Shelter (Live Remix). I currently have seen the Shelter tour 3 times and the after party 2 times. I’m seeing the Sacramento show in a week and couldn’t be happier. By the end of this year I would have seen Porter Robinson 14 times and Madeon 11 times. I have met so many fans of both artists and their passion is as strong, if not even more than mine for these amazing artists. It is sad to hear that ‘Shelter’ is the only collaboration we will see from these two for a while if not forever, but from here on out I am excited to see what visions these two have for their music in the future.

Tyrone Amora

There are many reasons why I wanted to go to multiple ‘Shelter’ shows. I wanted to go to the San Francisco show because I have never been there before and I wanted to meet a lot of the people I befriended over RavExchange (Facebook group). I wanted to go to the LA show because Porter was actually the first event I've ever gone to back in July 2015, which basically got me into the rave scene. Porter and Madeon have both impacted my life because I listen to them whenever I'm feeling down. It's hard to explain how I feel whenever I listen to them; all I know is that when I'm listening to any of their sets, many of my problems kind of fade away. What makes both of them special? To be honest, it's hard to put this into words. There's so much I loved about their set. Porter's version of “Beings” and the “Shelter” (Acoustic) x “Language” encore they do at the end to finish off the show is what stood out to me. “Beings” is one of my favorite songs from Madeon and Porter's vocals completed it for me and I cry when I go back and listen to the video I recorded. The “Shelter” x “Language” ending, I cannot put into words how much I loved that. “Language” is my favorite Porter song and every time I hear it in any set, I go absolutely nuts and go wild. But hearing “Shelter” acoustically with Hugo's voice, which has greatly improved since the beginning of the tour, took my breath away when I first listened to it. When Hugo sings "And when you're gone...I'll be okay," I start getting goose bumps and I start to cry.

Cesar Vences

I actually took a 4-hour train ride to make it to the first LA show for the ‘Shelter’ tour. I first saw Porter Robinson back in 2011 at Beyond Wonderland and I knew he was someone whose career I wanted to follow. I happened to see him again at EDC and as an opener for Tiësto during his ‘College Invasion’ tour. Porter has always just done his own thing rather than follow the mold of commercial EDM DJs. I've always admired his creative talent as a producer and when he released "Language", I knew I was going to love what he'd be doing next and was excited to see where his career would go. That song continues to be my favorite track he's done, it's really helped lift my spirits when I'd be having a tough time or just made me completely euphoric when I was already having a good day. I took my little sister to her first EDM show when he was the headliner for Matador Music Festival in Santa Barbara back in 2013. We were in the front row throughout the entire show. It was refreshing to see him just make the album he wanted to make when he made Worlds rather than to stick with bangers that got him his fan base with his Spitfire EP.

Article by: Kimberlyanne Tan