Lemaitre & Chet Porter Brighten Up Your Week

    With an expanding future bass market continually rising in appeal, we are beginning to see some of it’s pioneers step into national touring realms. With artists such as Flume, Odesza, Jai Wolf, Louis the Child, and Illenium laying the foundation for what has come to be known as some of the most captivating shows in the electronic world, Denver has been lucky enough to get a chance to witness each and every one of these acts in their youth. Now, Denver has another chance to witness a rising star going by the name Chet Porter. 

Chet Porter's Full SC Page: https://soundcloud.com/chetporter

    You may recognize this name from his most recent release on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective entitled “Stay”. Beyond the hit song played out by acts all around the globe, Chet has made a name for himself by unveiling a chilled out, energetic rendition of future bass by utilizing mind-blowing saws to accompany catchy melodies and well place field sounds. Each of Chet’s songs does an excellent job of allowing the listener to enjoy the present moment through the variety of sounds layered atop one each other in flawless fashion. A perfect example of this would be Chet’s remix of Hitmane’s “Over U”, grossing over a half a million plays on Soundcloud alone.


      Chet Porter also happens to be an avid member of the growing Moving Castle Collective alongside names such as Manila Killa, Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, and Melvv. To those of you who remember Re-Up Wednesday’s at the 1UP on Colfax, I can assure you that this show is sure to be a pleasant reminder of some of the best intimate shows in town.  Acting as direct support for Lemaitre, this show is sure to be jam packed with talent from start to finish. Lemaitre has made a name for themselves by displaying a continual ability to adapt and innovate within the given subgenera’s time and time again.

Lemaitre's Full SC Page: https://soundcloud.com/serious-url

With tracks such as “We Got U” perfectly exemplifying the upbeat, funky, dance tracks this group has been known to bust out, this show is sure to get the juices flowing. Grossing over a million Soundcloud followers, Lemaitre has finally made their long awaited trip overeas to the United States to unveil a live performance of their newest Afterglow EP. With some of Norway’s finest artists swinging by Denver for a limited time, you definitely don’t want to miss out on such a great opportunity to catch an act that might not be around again for quite some time. 

    This show is set to take place on Tuesday, yes Tuesday, October 25th at the Bluebird Theater. Tickets for this events are flying quickly so I strongly suggest grabbing yours while supplies still last. For an incredibly reasonable price of just $15 before fees, gather your whole crew for a night you won’t soon forget. Be sure to make your way out to enjoy a plethora of awesome music and here’s to enjoying a weekday show for the record books. 

Tickets Here: http://www.bluebirdtheater.net/events/detail/311581

Written By: Cooper Turley