Live On The Green- Week 3

Between the season’s first home Titans and Vanderbilt football game, the last Sound’s baseball game, and, of course, Live On The Green, there was an astounding forecast of 90,000 people in downtown Nashville Thursday night. For all that braved the masses in the name of good music, hats off to you. Some may ask, “was it worth it?”

We think that’s a no brainer.


Greg Holden and his band welcomed the crowd to begin the third night of festivities. His name may not immediately ring a bell, but if Lightning 100 plays in your car you’ve surely heard “Hold On Tight”, which he saved for a killer ending to his set. The English/American twang artist was nothing short of humbled after announcing, “Last time I was in Nashville I played to two or three people”, and this time around having a crowd of hundreds sing back every word. As the sun set and the twinkling, rainbow lights of Hotel Indigo began to shine above the lawn, night three was underway and off to a promising start.


Next up, the boys that describe their sound as “psychedelic voodoo rock”, The Delta Saints, charged the stage. From the first strummed chord it was evident these rockers were not planning on letting anybody sit down through their set. Front man Ben Ringel breathed life into the band’s sound, jumping and jolting all over the stage while singing (or was that screaming?), “Shake it like a heavy hammer!” All the while Dylan Fitch on the guitar couldn’t wipe the grin from his face if the world depended on it.


The crowd radiated energy with green glow sticks as far as the eye could see. Hundreds had turned into thousands, and downtown Nashville was officially hot, sticky, and alive. With one band left, it was lucid whom the crowds truly came to see- Nashville’s own Moon Taxi.


Regarded as one of Nashville’s most recent success stories, Moon taxi took Live On The Green’s stage for the 6th time. Yes, that’s a record! As a single congregation, we were transported to a rock n’ roll utopia full of jam band skills and throbbing, pop rhythms. Trevor Terndurp’s impressive forearms glistened in the super moon’s light as the band tore through hit after hit including a stellar cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”, something Moon Taxi has surely achieved.


Next week is Live On The Green’s big finale! Over a period of three days beginning on Thursday night bands such as Passion Pit, JD McPherson, and Ben Folds will take over your weekend plans! Show up a little early on Saturday and catch the instrumental group Steelism. You won’t be disappointed, I can personally promise that!

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Written By: Rachel Oldham