3 Artists To Catch At Riot Fest

Colorado residents are eager to welcome Riot Fest back to Denver this year, with an even bigger and better festival than ever. The past four years Riot Fest has been committed to producing a multi-day music festival dedicated to alternative, punk, rock, hip-hop, and metal music. It has ventured to several different locations, but in more recent years Colorado has been home to the eclectic festival. In addition to the musical aspect of Riot Fest, they also make sure to provide guests with the best food vendors, the most electrifying carnival rides, and a variety of fascinating sideshow attractions. Even with all of these great extensions of the festival, the lineup is still the fundamental draw of Riot Fest. Here are 3 of the artists from the incredible lineup.


West Virginia’s own Rozwell Kid will be gracing the Riot Fest grounds with their sensational presence this year. Rozwell Kid was born in 2011, thanks to the creative mind of Jordan Hudkins. While touring with his band Demon Beat, Jordan began to write and record his own material on “Rozwell Kid LP”. Shortly after, Jordan recruited other talented musicians to join him on furthering Rozwell Kid. After the addition of the new members the rest became history. They have released five more albums and have gone on multiple tours, achieving more and more success along the way. One can sense the heavy influences from 90’s punk and bands like Weezer, however Rozwell Kid’s sound is markedly original and inventive. Their lyrics are especially unique, considering the humorous yet serious and honest nature of them. I have caught wind of the rowdiness that a live Rozwell Kid show has to offer and I am sure their performance at Riot Fest will not be disappointing!


One of the most influential punk bands of our time, Rancid, will be making an appearance here in Denver for the festival! With over two decades together, Rancid has advanced and inspired today’s punk music because of their dedication and experimentation. Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, childhood friends, were both a part of ska band, Operation Ivy, in the late eighties. The two decided to further their skills in the punk realm by creating Rancid in 1991. With one B-side album, eight studio albums, seventeen singles, and a whopping thirty-one live albums, it is safe to say that Rancid has accomplished plenty as a unit. Considering the significance of Rancid in the punk world, it is sure to be a special experience at Riot Fest!


Riot Fest guests will be blessed to witness a performance by infinitely gifted punk rock band, Joyce Manor. Originating from California, Joyce Manor has experienced a whirlwind of success due to their originality and true talent. Equipped with angst-fueled lyrics and hardcore music, Joyce Manor truly pays homage to the punk bands that came before them, while still offering their own unique take on it. As one of the best punk bands in this day and age, the success they have received is more than well deserved. The band’s most recent release, Never Hungover Again, offered a perfect platform for Joyce Manor to exhibit their perfectly honed skills, which led to excellent reviews from both fans and critics alike. They are undeniably making headway in their genre...this is just the tip of the iceberg for Joyce Manor!

Riot Fest is sure to be an incredible musical journey, so make your way to Denver August 28th, 29th, and 30th!

Written by Zoe Whitley

ickets are available here: http://riotfest.org/denver/tickets/ 

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