Live On The Green- Take 2!

Whether you’re a rare Nashville native or one of the thousands flocking to this thriving metropolis, I’ll put money on it that you found yourself downtown at Live On The Green this past thursday night. Why wouldn’t you? Fall might as well have come early with the delightful weather, there was a mellow mushroom food truck, a vibrant city sunset, and let’s not forget- the music is free! Night two of this season was a success before it even began.


The fairly new folk-rock band Houndmouth was the first to take Live On The Green’s legendary stage for the second night of the four week event. They did so with confidence and ease racing into their hit single “Sedona” from their sophomore release “Little Neon Limelight”. The band hit the end of their setlist with another twenty minutes to go as guitarist Matt Myers exclaimed, “How about we have Katie sing another one, seems like y’all liked that!” They didn’t skip a beat and nailed another three or four songs, and Matt was right, the crowd couldn’t get enough of the sole lady’s winsome southern accent, funky pants, and classic country vocals.


Act two of the night was a total 180, shifting from Houndmouth’s invigorating harmonies to J. Roddy himself hurling his monitor wedge off stage and simultaneously pounding the piano and head banging so fiercely his hair extended to the full, impressive length above his forehead! J. Roddy & The Business appealed to Nashville’s most dedicated rockers declaring, “We’re just a rock and roll band. We’re here to play some rock and roll music!” They certainly didn’t disappoint. The live rendition of “Heavy Nails” had the crowd in a tangled mosh pit and the rowdiness couldn’t be tamed until well after the band left the stage.


The tone was irrefutably set for the rest of the evening. Cold War Kids took the stage to a riled up and primed crowd. Nathan Willet is known for throwing his voice around, bouncing it off walls, and stealing the show, but thursday night there were no walls. No, thursday night the band’s theatrics were a vivacious collaborative effort. The massive stage provided a proscenium for a pristine chaos. The guys couldn’t stay in one spot, endlessly switching and running into each other, and never missing a beat. They tore the house down as the crowd surfed and flung glow sticks with ardent appreciation for the end of another triumphant Live On The Green installation.  

Next week Greg Holden, Delta Saints, and the city’s beloved Moon Taxi will make for yet another eventful, music filled evening. If the crowd of free spirits flocking from East Nashville, music majors from Belmont, and Nashvillians alike is too much for you, consider investing in a VIP ticket and find yourself in the front row without having to battle the hordes. Until next week, Nashville!

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Written By: Rachel Oldham