It's All Good: Only 9 more days 'til GRiZ at Red Rocks!

COLORADO! Are you ready to get ~funky~ with your main man Grant?

If you haven’t heard, Grant Kwiecinski, otherwise known as GRiZ, has been blowing the FUNK up the last couple of years. One of the most renowned sax players in the electronic scene, GRiZ will be headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater for the first time ever on September 4th in Morrison, Colorado. All Good Records is about to take over the rocks - with support from Muzzy Bearr, Sunsquabi, Manic Focus and The Floozies, get ready to be blown away. This young funk master is on fire - and the hype is well deserved.

Constantly incorporating live instrumentation into his performances and taking his shows and music to the next level, GRiZ has been releasing a multitude of brand new tracks recently all while touring through festivals across the United States. Even after banging out his latest full album, Say It Loud, and completing a massive Say It Loud tour, Grant has been going above and beyond. He recently released a brand new track, “Summer ‘97” with Muzzy Bearr, as well as “Good Times Roll,” a collab with Big Gigantic. He brought out “Good Times Roll” throughout the Say It Loud tour, but until now was unreleased. Both tracks exemplify the unconventional musical creativity Grant brings to the table, mixing genres, instrumentation and energy levels.

All of this is just on the cusp of creating his own record label, All Good Records; expectations are high for Red Rocks, one of the most gorgeous venues in the world. Grant also debuted the GRiZ live band on Snapchat’s discover feature very recently, getting down with the likes of Muzzy Bearr, IDA HAWK and Orlando Napier Music performing vocals. The full live band was comprised of plenty of live instrumentation as well (featuring tons of horns!) with a trumpeter, drummer, baritone saxophonist, and guitarist. Whether or not this was a preview of what’s to come at Red Rocks, here’s to hoping!

Photo by: Madison Lawton

As if his music itself wasn’t enough, the crowd that GRiZ congregates is unlike any other. Dedicated fans as close knit as a family, Grant’s committed fans have a certain motto… Show Love, Spread Love. This motto extends far beyond the family. The Liberators, a group of fans chosen to carry out this message, conduct charity drives on a frequent basis as well as hand out water and candy to GRiZ fans at his shows. The love and compassion shown by these fans is infectious, the positivity and light shown by these incredible individuals inspires others to do good in their world, our world. Be kind to others, show your light to the world, and inspire others to shine theirs. It’s a noble message: we’re all here for the music, why not make a difference in the lives of others while we’re at it?

The Liberators will be holding a food drive for GRiZ’s Red Rocks show at the amphitheater on September 4th, both inside the venue and outside the lot. They will be collecting food donations to give to Food Bank of the Rockies. By donating 5 or more items, you not only support a good cause, but you also earn a chance to win cool prizes! Check out all the details below:

A crowd like no other, Grant’s music and crowd inspires and illuminates positivity. Red Rocks has already sold out, but GRiZ will continue his summer festival tour before spurring right into his Super Shagadelic Tour. Check out all his tour dates here:

Article by: Hanna Danecker