4 Sets at FYF You Do Not Want To Miss!

When I saw the lineup for Fuck Yeah Festival, I was at a loss for words. With one of the most eclectic lineups assembled this year, FYF features artists that can captivate fans of any genre. Located in the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park in California, the FYF Festival is celebrating its 12th year this August, with an even bigger and better lineup than ever! Here are a few artists from the myriad of talent at the festival this year!

It is unarguable that the past few years Flume has truly made a name for himself in the electronic world. Hailing from Australia, Flume began experimenting and creating music when he was just 13. After his debut self-titled album was released in 2012, he received tremendous feedback from both fans and critics. Flume’s undeniable talent and impeccable ear for music have earned him a colossal fan base over the years. He has been making appearances at a handful of festivals this summer, including Electric Forest and EDC Vegas, and he is sure to show FYF Festival a magnificent time!



Canadian two piece, Purity Ring, is bringing their superior synthpop music to the table at FYF Festival! They have developed a very unique sound over time, listening to their music is an unparalleled experience due to their originality. I have heard only positive things regarding their live performances. Their stage set up features a custom made, tree-like creation that participates in light and sound production. As far as the musical aspect of their live performance goes, Purity Ring is known for their uncanny ability to connect with the audience and put on an excellent live show.

           FYF Festival goers are recommended to emotionally prepare for Frank Ocean's mellifluous performance. Known for laying out the groundwork for a new direction in the R&B realm, Frank Ocean has the voice of a thousand angels and is equipped with immeasurable talent and originality. He knows a thing or two about his craft, considering the fact that when his debut studio album Channel Orange was released, it sold a staggering 132,000 copies in its first week! Channel Orange provided listeners with a special experience as a result of the auspicious combination of soul, R&B, and hip-hop. The album promptly became an instant classic and left listeners constantly hanging onto their hats, in anticipation of new material. After years of waiting, Frank announced that he is prepared to drop his newest album in July of this year, so the arrival of another glorious album is just around the corner. With great luck, FYF guests will have the opportunity to hear some new material first hand!


For the guests that are looking for a folk-punk set to revel in, FYF Fest has you covered by welcoming Andrew Jackson Jihad to the bill! They exhibit all of the raw emotion and truth telling that punk is notorious for. Their lyrics are a highlight of the band’s success, due to the heavy focus of existentialism and social issues in their songs. They have addressed issues ranging from religion to politics, and they do so with obvious musical talent. With primarily quick paced songs and rapid drumming and strumming, it is nearly impossible to control the urge to dance and become fired up as a result of their work. Folk-punk has such a unique sound, and Andrew Jackson Jihad has surely mastered it!

Considering the incredible lineup with the unmatched beauty of Los Angeles, it would be a monumental mistake not to attend!


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Written by Zoe Whitley