UK’s Snakehips to Play 1up-Colfax 5/20

     The humans running theHundred Presents and Souls in Action must have some serious connections. The talent lineup for Denver’s summer 2015 shows thrown by the promoting pair is practically incomprehensible. Their Wednesday night spot at Denver's The 1up-Colfax is stacked with artists cherished around the globe who radiate innovation, novelty, and ravenous ambition. Following French house ambassadors FKJ and Darius headlining this week, DJs / producers James Carter and Oliver Lee will hit the stage at Denver’s favorite arcade bar on Wednesday, May 20th. The duo is best recognized by their stage name, Snakehips.

     Why is their visit to Denver bewildering? Let’s take a look at the history. Snakehips lost its Soundcloud virginity two years back releasing debut track “It’s too Late,” a Wild Belle remix. The conception of their first remix unveiled the artist’s potential for prosperity in a highly saturated market, and signified the beginning of their journey.

     Since then, Snakehips has amassed a 180k SoundCloud following. They have crafted dozens of coveted remixes and original productions, been featured on hundreds of music publications, and have headlined tours in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. Last month, they released Forever (Pt.) II EP, which received an overwhelmingly amount of positive reviews and confirmed the duo could consistently yield authentic, ingenious beats. Just yesterday, the UK’s highly acclaimed BBC radio 1Xtra aired an hour long collaborative mix by Snakehips and Branchez, now available to the masses online.

     Here’s where it gets good… of their thirteen US gigs, James and Oliver are hitting only six states, which includes three music festivals (Lightning in a Bottle, What the Festival, and Firefly), five shows in California, two stops in Texas, two in New York, and of course Washington D.C. But wait, Snakehips is starting the tour in Denver? Sure, the prior locations are a given; classic music capitals. Oh and hold on, they are coming to a 500 person venue that just joined the scene as a live performance venue in December 2013? Essentially, theHundred Presents and Souls in Action have pulled off a music miracle on behalf of the good people of Denver.

     We are eternally grateful, but we have a few requests: Dear Snakehips, we’d love a throwback to “Miss You Always.” This gem features a classic drumline swirled with layers of synthy magic and alluring vocals. “Gone” would be fantastic too… and we’re also voting for “Days Without you,” “Forever Pt. II” and the youth of the group, twenty day old “Til the Morning.” In return, we promise to dance relentlessly until The 1Up-Colfax security escorts us all out… we’ll probably do this either way.

Count your blessings Denver. We’re on the map, get ready for an insane summer. Don’t be a ninny- get your tickets and come dance with Bass Feeds the Soul!


Twitter: @snakehipsuk

Instagram: @snakehipsmusic


Article by: Haley Midzor

*Note the photos used in this article do not belong to Bass Feeds the Soul and belong to their respective owners.