An April Fool's Local Talent Showcase

      Wednesday, April 1st marked Lime Light Medias’ local music and art showcase. This creative and unique event exceeded everyone’s expectations and that’s no April Fools! With the help of Bass Feeds the Soul and Nocturne Entertainment, Lime Light Media Productions made this incredible night possible. What truly made the show was the superb musical and artistic talent flowing through that room, and I don’t just mean the DJs and live painters. The fans are what truly made this event worthwhile. There was an absurd amount of in-sync interaction between the artists/musicians and the fans. The pure love and humbleness  of such talented individuals was a feeling that stuck with me the whole night.

           The night started with Fractal Factory warming up the crowd. After everyone was on their feet and ready for the night, Morpheus really brought the heat with his talented beats and energetic presence on stage. Hyperion was up next and paved the way for a magnificent night, leading to the next few acts, Naturobi, Oomah, and finally True School x R-Dooleon, which created a perfect end to a perfect night. In the midst of all this awesome music, incredible live artists like Amanda Wolf, Archer Prism, Drake Arnold, Matthew Fredricey, India Lotus, Danny Shanahan, Zach Noel, Samantha Cauchy, Laura McGowan, Megan Morris, and Chris Long were creating their art. These talented individuals were not only extremely intelligent, genuine and humble but they were also so incredibly sweet and appreciative to everyone and anyone that came out to the event.

           Overall this event was a beautiful masterpiece much like the visual and auditory art happening in it. I’m extremely excited to see where these local musicians and artists are headed in their careers and felt honored to have met them all and shared such a magical night with them. The creative energy flowing through that room was thought-provoking and inspiring. I am stoked for next showcase happening in the near future. Stay tuned.

Written By: Meghan Hargaden