By veteran I’m implying I know everything about Coachella. Just kidding - the only people who know everything about Coachella are the people that put it on over at Goldenvoice. And Lord knows they don't get the same experience as a GA attendee would. So having been the past couple years I do have some advice for any future ‘Chella goers - and it’s more than just to “hydrate”.

Although, that is what I’ll start off with-


     Ok seriously… this thing is $2 at the store and holds way more water than the measly 8oz bottles they sell inside the festival. My second year at Coachella brought in a strange dream that lead me to the idea of hauling one of these bad boys to the security line...When they informed me I had to empty, I did just that… right on top of my head. Before you knew it I was relieving people of the heat left and right. It was a great way to cool down your internal body temperature. For some campers, the walk to the entry gates can be as long as a mile, just getting to the festival was a sweat. Between that and dancing till no end, you lose water faster than you might guess. I definitely refilled the jug 30+ times at one of the many water refill stations and had a ball running around the Polo Fields soaking wet - the sun dried us out real fast though…typical ‘Chella.


          Yes, Coachella does provide showers to their camping attendees. What you’ll find however, is that the line waiting for the showers will severely cut in to your music time- and that’s what you're here for, isn't it?! BABY WIPES PEOPLE! (Biodegradable ones of course.) You’d be surprised at how clean a couple damp baby wipes will get you. Not to mention the communal showers give me the creeps... but if you do decide to bear the line, wear sandals!




    This kind of goes without saying (to most) but be extra friendly to your camping neighbors. You’re sharing pretty close quarters, and chances are you may or may not see each other 1) naked or 2) urinating. I loved catching my neighbor peeing on our car tire - but I’d say the apologies (in the form of beer) went down a bit smoother. Also, if you’re ever in need of a hot dog or even a jump start for your car (that was fun) your neighbors and pretty much all the beautiful people at the Coachella camp grounds would love to help you out, providing you would do the same for them. 




     I swear I saw members of the Bloodz walking around at Coachella last year. Or maybe it wasn’t anything more than a band of festie-besties trying to keep their lungs from getting all dusty. Coachella is in the desert of Indio, California. High winds, smothering heat, and lots of dust blowing around; just waiting to get stuck in your chest cavity. Pretty sure I was still blowing ‘Chella dust out of my nose a solid week into May last year. Even better than a plain bandana would be a wet one…say from the DoLab sprayers?? Which leads to my next tip...




Just go. The DoLab is the chillest place at Coachella. And not just because they have hot girls that hose fans down with water guns. The DoLab has been returning to the Empire Polo Fields for 10 years to satisfy those looking for a more hands on experience with the music. This stage really integrates the audience with the artists, unlike the other massive stages that dominate the festival grounds. Annually, The DoLab brings in the most funky and off beat electronic music the festival has to offer; making this the best place to get weird.

#6 Just Don’t Die

     Luckily with the help of two huge dudes near by, I escaped a slow death at Flume’s set at the Main Stage last year. I’m warning you - there are a LOT of people that attend Coachella, and chances are they want to be at the front just as badly as you do. Getting sucked down into a sea of people became a real fear of mine that day. My feet were lifted off the ground as my hair was getting me pulled down to the floor. Just be careful and make sure to use any totems in close range as life poles for emergency rescues. 



Written By: Melanie Gordon

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