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Image does not belong to BFTS

Image does not belong to BFTS


      After a festival, I have caveman hair. (Girls, you understand my struggle). I am already $500 deep because of my GA ticket, gas (car and stove), and food (including plates, utensils, etc.), and there’s no way I’m spending more to shower.

 At a festival, getting dirty is part of the experience, but what if that “dirty” aspect was eliminated?


      If you want a festival that has purged dirt and waste from its schedule, check out  Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. This welcoming celebration will include a KILLER line up featuring legends like Billy Joel, STS9, and Flume, in addition to many services to keep the people, grounds, and environment CLEAN.




Image Belongs to Official Bonnaroo Website

Image Belongs to Official Bonnaroo Website

      If you're like me, my hair is my biggest issue at a festival. I can't seem to figure out how to maintain the mane. At Bonnaroo, you won't have to worry about the mud and oil building up in your hair that then makes your skin greasy and body smelly (yuck!). Garnier Fructis will offer "free hair washing" at the BONNAROO SALON. Also, the Garnier Fructis tent will offer hair braiding, hair styles, complimentary items, and will host contests! A free clean head for four days at a festival... that's unheard of.

      In addition, if you don't mind paying a little extra for a shower (I envy you, #brokecollegestudentproblems), Bonnaroo has you covered on COMPLIMENTARY SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, SOAP, and other beauty products in the POD shower areas.

       Also, if you prefer to create your own makeshift shower, check out this awesome idea: after you finish a bag of Franzia, fill the bag with water, tie it to your easy-up with rope, and "slap the bag" while you are under it, when you need to rinse off. 

      If you get a little thirsty (you will, bring a water bottle), Bonnaroo will provide you with FREE, SAFE water at its many refill stations.

      All water at Bonnaroo water stations is "filtered, tested and certified to meeting Tennessee drinking water requirements."





Image Belongs to Official Bonnaroo Website

Image Belongs to Official Bonnaroo Website

      Do you want to save the world?  This is a hefty task, but there are always little things you can do to make a difference. Bonnaroo wants to help make the world and its festival CLEANER, but it's truly up to the attendees. 

      One way to improve the greenness of your experience and the festival is RIDESHARING. Bonnaroo has created a ridesharing network to find you a means of transportation. It's called ZimrideIf you have extra space in your car, put out an offer on Zimride to fill up the seat. This way, you can help out a stranger (soon to be friend), keep another person from emitting dangerous Carbon Monoxide gas into the environment, and make some extra gas money.

      In addition, if you want to stay green while eating, always remember to throw out trash in the respectable bins (recyclable, landfill, etc.) 

      Check out the "100% Waste Free Planet Roo Cafe" at the Green Village and Planet Roo to improve your

eco-friendliness! This cafe includes healthy food, vegetarian options, all from organic, local farms and retailers. 




What: Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

When: June 11th-14th

Where: Manchester, Tennessee

Camping: Yes

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Written By Samantha Elkan