The Bass Will Blow your mind: Big Dub Festival 2015


      If you worship dubstep, drum ‘n bass, or dirty electro music, come celebrate bass culture under a full moon at Big Dub Festival! The 5th year of Big Dub will take place July 29th through August 2nd at Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, Pennsylvania. Last year, Big Dub featured big dubstep names such as Break Science, Getter, and Alvin Risk. The festival also includes some trap artists. Badass Raves, the company that hosts and promotes Big Dub has yet to announce this year’s lineup.

      Ticket sales begin on January 26th, for “veteran” Big Dub goers at $130 a ticket. If you have attended Big Dub in the past, you should have received an email from Badass Raves about early bird tickets. If you did not receive this email, shoot a message to with a picture of you at the festival or a picture of your ticket from last year or previous years. On February 18th, 4-day tickets that include Wednesday arrival will go on sale to the general public for $140. On February 25, general admission tickets will be available for $115 (GA does not include Wednesday arrival).

      Big Dub offers free camping and parking. Many of the camping areas will be themed! In addition, the festival will include professional fireworks, special hammock sections, workshops, seminars, silent disco during afterhours, and nightly drum circles that welcome all acoustic instruments, according to their Facebook page. To top it off, there will be free showers, running water, flushing toilets, cellphone charging stations, a swimming hole (Thursday through Saturday), daily yoga, and MOOP & Mimosas (Moop stands for Matter Out of Place). For those of you who are 21+, when you clean up your campsite trash on August 13th, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious drink!

Written by: Samantha Elkan