Bassnectar's Noise vs. Beauty Tour Preview

The past two weeks have been a fusion of pure bliss and chaos within the EDM realm due to the top charting album, Noise vs. Beauty, by the king of bass, Bassnectar.  The producer’s tenth studio album has struck chords within the ears and hearts of Bass Heads of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.  After a six-month break from nonstop touring, Bassnectar is back on the road demolishing music festivals all summer. However, every Bass Head knows that with a new music release comes a colossal tour.  Bassnectar’s Noise vs. Beauty Fall Tour has been recently announced, leaving fans buzzing about which stops they are going to travel far and wide for.  Joining Bassnectar on this tour will be the likes of Kill Paris and Son of Kick, as well as Paper Diamond, Griz and Lindsay Lowend in select cities.

The tour kicks off on Friday October 3rd in Rochester, NY at The Main Street Armory.  A little over 300 miles away from Rochester, October 4th marks the 8th Bass Center at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The show has been guaranteed to be of epic proportions, with more information to be released on July 7th.  One can expect an impressive line up alongside boundary pushing production, if history has any indication.  The East continues to get more love from the Bassnectar crew, hitting states such as Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  

Noise vs. Beauty Tour then heads onward through the South- hitting fewer stops than usual.  Typically blessed with a handful of tour stops, Southerners will have to pilgrimage to Greensboro, NC or Baton Rouge, LA.  After a little Southern fun and comfort, Texas and Missouri both get blasted with double-header shows a mere few hours apart.  Bassnectar will be at the Austin Music Hall on October 24th, and then headlining the Halloween EDM Massive, Something Wicked, in Houston, TX on the 25th.  Three days later the Bassnectar crew returns to The Pageant Theater in St. Louis and The Midland the next night in Kansas City, MO.

As November begins, the Noise vs. Beauty Tour begins to wind down, hitting only a few more cities.  For those uninterested in All Ages shows, Nevada is the place to be.  Bassnectar will be in Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl to play an 18+ show on November 5th.  If 18+ shows are still too young, Lake Tahoe will be hosting a strict 21+ show the next day at the MontBleu Resort Showroom.  Bassnectar’s Fall Tour comes to a grand finale in his home state of California.  First, Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium will be annihilated with wall-crumbling beats and bass on the 7th.  Then, San Francisco, the Bassnectar crew’s home base, is blessed with the final stop on a seemingly nonstop tour.  The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco is almost assured a massive-freak-out-throw-down set in celebration of a another successful album and Fall Tour.

While many crazed Bassnectar fans are figuring out what stops to snag tickets for, there are three dates leaving fans perplexed and pondering.  October 31st, November 1st, and November 2nd are all set to be a part of the Noise vs. Beauty Tour.  However, the show’s locations are labeled as a TBA Special Halloween Event, TBA Special Day Of The Dead Event, and TBA Special Event.  Some speculate the crew may hit Chicago after Missouri, while others believe Colorado may be getting even more love this year.  Nonetheless, nobody actually knows the truth, and are stuck anxiously awaiting an official announcement.

Information on specific show age requirements, ticket sales, and show times can all be found on Bassnectar’s official website,  

Written by: David Giovannini