A mighty trio - Mat Zo jokes joining Krewella

With Krewella currently crumbling into pieces under a lawsuit, one wonders whether anything can save their reputation. Kris Trindl, better known as Rain Man and the producer behind Krewella, is suing the rest of the group for allegedly kicking him out. The $5 million in damages asked for by the Rain Man is currently being disputed by the Yousaf sisters who claim the lawsuit to be full of false allegations. Whether true or not, it certainly has brought the eye of the media on the trio and a plethora of artists and fans have expressed opinions.

The latest such statement comes in the form of a joke from legendary producer Mat Zo. Matan Zohar recently tweeted that he would “produce the shit out of” Yasmine. Funny or not, it raises the peculiar thought of what IF the Yousof sisters paired up with a popular producer such as Zo. They have already proven they have the vocals and fans tend to love spontaneous collaborations. The potential certainly is there though one thing is for certain – such a union would not have anything to do with the name Krewella.