Lana Del Rey Returns to Red Rocks

The announcement of Lana Del Rey’s return to Red Rocks has thousands anxiously anticipating May 12th. Lana’s debut to Red Rocks last summer was long awaited by her Colorado fans. I myself was lucky enough to get a ticket last year, although a myriad of fans were not. She had sold out her entire U.S. tour in a matter of days. Lana is far more than deserving of the adoration that is given to her by her diehard fans. Being a  Lana Del Rey devotee myself, I can see firsthand the appeal that she offers to fans.


With humble beginnings, Lana, born Elizabeth Grant, proved to everyone just how far her talent could get her. From a trailer park to open mic nights in Brooklyn, Lana somehow managed to launch herself into the fame stratosphere. After joint signing onto Interscope Records, Polydor Records, and Stranger Records, her widely anticipated album Born To Die was finally released on January 31st, 2012.  The album achieved the number one spot on the top charts in 11 countries. Next up for Lana was the November 2012 release of her EP, Paradise, which was an instant hit among her fan base. Unfortunately the wait for her next album was a drawn out - a seemingly endless 2 year process. Finally, on the blessed day of June 13th,2014, Lana’s next album, Ultraviolence was released at last. It was a hit among her fans, and she gained an even larger fan base as a result of her new work. Her hauntingly beautiful voice and meticulously developed lyrics prove to move the hearts and souls of many. Her songs are very easy to connect with, as a result of the obvious emotion that was poured into their creation.

Lana’s live performance is a completely different experience altogether. It is an experience that I feel blessed to have witnessed before. After the announcement of her Red Rocks show last year, I made absolutely sure to get a ticket. I recruited my parents, sister, and friends to all get into the waiting room for the tickets, in order to have the best chance at scoring one, which thankfully was a success. After months of insufferable waiting for the show, the day had finally come. My friend and I began waiting in line at 9 A.M, and sat in the feverish summer heat for 9 hours, in hopes of getting as close as possible to the stage. Well, enduring the endlessly long day paid off, and we were in the center of the front row. When Lana finally came on stage, it could only be described as entrancing. Her ability to captivate the crowd with her voice was impeccable, and everyone in the audience could feel the emotion and power that her songs held. She put on arguably one of the absolute best shows that I have ever been to, and she is undoubtedly gifted. There are few performers that I would highly recommend seeing to everyone, but she is definitely one that I would endorse. Tickets for her May 12th show at Red Rocks are still available at:

Written by Zoe Whitley 

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