10 EDM Facts You Might Not Know

1. While studying at a university in Australia, Tommy Trash studied classical trumpet.


2. Daft Punk & Skrillex have been rumored to debut on Kanye West’s new album.  West’s new studio in Paris has been compared to a mad laboratory, throwing together whoever and whatever sounds good.


3.  Steve Aoki’s father, Hiroaki Aoki, owns the popular restaurant chain, Benihana.


4. Tiësto was the first DJ ever to perform at the Olympics in 2004 in Athens, Greece.


5. The Daft Punk guys have not allowed photographers to take pictures of their faces since May 2006.


6. Swedish House Mafia got their name from Pete Tong by accident when we referred to them as a “Swedish house (music) mafia”.


7. The Dada Life duo met at a chili cook-off in Sweden.


8. Hardwell and Tiësto hail from the same town of Breda in the Netherlands. “Zero 76” is the name of the first track they collaborated on as well as the area code of their home town.


9. Hardwell got his stage name from an idea his father came up with. The name Hardwell is the family’s last name in Latin.


10. Diplo got his name from his childhood fascination of dinosaurs. A diplodocus was a 90-foot long, long-neck plant eater.

Written by: Taylor Huie