Top 5 Remixes this Week


     Who doesn’t crave a new Bassnectar remix? This track features fresh rhymes from Zion I and the Grouch; buoyant bass lines, a classic cliffhanger pause at minute 4:15, and a swanky encore exhibiting quintessential Basshead womp. If you can’t get down to this song you’re clearly playing hard to get… give in to the bass!



     Here’s a hot mixsterpiece of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have my Money”. There are few spicier tracks for a sizzling remix than those by America’s beloved bad girl, Rihanna. Less than a minute in and I’m begging for a tall glass of ice cold milk. Praise Herobust for tossing in the chef’s special sauce!



     If Only… If only we were blessed with artistic talent like PatrickReza and Maya Payne. Luckily, our ears still reap the benefits. Maya’s serene vocals are the angelic host of this full blown  dance party. Can we put this one on eternal repeat?



     Whoa! Who knew Sia and the Weekend would pair so properly with deep house? This track pulls on your heart strings and your dance strings. RYME conceived a harmonic miracle with this one… welcome to the world little one!



     How do you turn on Bass Feeds the Soul? With some super smooth, synth seduction. Even with lyrics like “Shout heyo to Mrs. couch potato,” this one is irresistible. Slow rap is the perfect foreplay for saucy bass drops and layered synth temptations. “She don’t wanna be proper” and neither do we.

Hope you enjoyed these remixed as much as we did. Keep Bass Feeds the Soul on your radar for updates on the latest heat in the electronic realm!


Article by: Haley Midzor