Kid&Dovah Mixtape Release 06.01

Remembrance, Reflection, Reminiscence … NXSTLGIA.   

Nostalgia transcends simple recollection and signifies wishful longing and sincere affection for the past; it’s a reminder of lessons learned and memories made. Former experiences bring us happiness, provide insight into the future, serve as reference in times of indecision, and most importantly, supply genuine material for one’s rap game.

On June 1, Kid Melchizedek & Dovah, two up and comers in the Denver hip hop scene will share a representation of their past culminated in 12 meticulously crafted tracks. The mixtape caters to hip-hop heads, though mindful, relatable lyrics and soul saturated tracks appeal to many listeners. Their compelling collaboration tells stories of growing up, of learning and progressing in everyday ventures, and of divine exploration, acceptance, and enlightenment. In touch with mixtape’s message and Golden Age inspired style, it is appropriately entitled NXSTLGIA.

Hip hop is prominently known for sampling practices. Notorious rappers east to west have taken advantage of vast historic music archives, bringing back songs from the past and often renovating and remixing them to record vocals over.

The most uncanny aspect of the NXSTLGIA project is Dovah’s all original productions. When asked which tracks he made, he told me "all the beats were chopped from old jazz and soul records, then I did all the recording, mixing, and mastering of the entire project.” Dovah, AKA Reed Gambell, utilizes his fascination with analogue sound equipment and vintage style production techniques (a token of his‘Old School’ mentality) to create reminiscent, yet innovative sound.

Though Dovah raps occasionally on the mixtape, Kid Melchizedek is the predominant vocal feature. Kid’s natural flow and refined lyrics prompt thoughts of Cunninlyguists, though he certainly boasts his own characteristic style. Following a serious and nearly terminal illness, Kid AKA Luc Weaver took to writing music during a time when his health inhibited his athletic pursuits. Like many, Kid has always loved music. His powerful vision and sense of purpose are evident in his most recent work with Dovah.

Kid & Dovah are young and hungry. Well aware of the saturated market in which they find themselves, the two work tirelessly to differentiate. The journey will be difficult, but each has a beautiful future ahead of them. I am thrilled to have previewed NXSTLIGIA before it’s release next month on Bandcamp and share with confidence it will be well received. Admittedly, my favorites on the mixtape are “Holy Grail” and “Holy Fitness”, though I recommend listening to the entire mixtape in order, as each track leads into the next, reflecting the fluidity of endings and beginnings.


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Written by: Haley Midzor 

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