It's a New Music Kinda Monday feat. MIDIcinal

Denver’s music scene is a sardine can of local musicians trying to make their way amongst the current of the music industry to create something authentic. MIDIcinal, aka Scott Rhatigan, has been gracing the local music scene with the authenticity of his sound for quite some time now.

With his new EP release dropping last week, Scott found some time to sit down with us here at Bass Feeds the Soul to give us an inside perspective on MIDIcinal and the production of ‘Filling in the Blanks’.

Photo by Little Bison Photography

Photo by Little Bison Photography

Your music has been described in numerous ways, but how would you describe your genre bending sound? And what draws you to that sort of style?
With all the genres nowadays I tend to stick to calling it Funky Electronic, Bassy Hip-Hop.
My new thing is calling it Hype Hop. Hip hop that gets you Hyped!

What activities outside of the music scene influence your sound?

I’ve always been big into skateboarding which has been big in the hip hop culture, or vice versa. I feel they go hand in hand. I love watching skate videos where the beat is edited perfectly to the tricks! Skating has a chill swag to it like lo-fi beats.

Who did you enjoy working with most on the EP?

I enjoyed working with everyone equally. However, Homemade Spaceship was the only one I worked with in person hah! Rob and I have become pretty good homies over the passed year and he’s taught me a lot in the studio. Working with TheBusiness & Tommy D. was definitely the funkiest. I really love their music and was glad they threw some of that flavor on the EP.
BURKEY I’ve personally never met, but he’s been an awesome dude to work with. He sings and raps so I will definitely get a lot of work done with him the future!

What’s been your favorite track to debut live & why?
I’ve liked What’s It Gonna Be a lot. When I started the track I had a feeling it would be my favorite and I really put a lot of hard work into it so it’s nice to hear it blast and see people move to it!

What project or show are you most excited for in the upcoming months?
I’m extremely excited about playing with Late Night Radio at The Fox in Boulder! He’s been one of my bigger inspirations throughout my musical journey. As of now I don’t have much else planned, I will be working on a winter run of shows in December/January, but until then I’ll be busy building a nice catalogue of music!

Do you have any collaborations in the near future we should watch out for?  
I have a remix for my homie Pi Wrecks in the works right now which is gonna be real nice. I don’t have much started now,but I’ve been talking with LOTS of artists =)
Also, if any artists want to collab, holla at me!

Finally, you seem to be doing very well for an up and coming musician in the Denver scene, what advice do you have for other young musicians looking to do the same?

I would say Just stay positive and patient. Sometimes shows and other opportunities arise left and right. And others you won’t get a booking for a month or more. Just don’t lose focus, and make sure you are ready to fill the spot someone less hungry wasn’t able to handle!
It’s an endless hustle and you have to pay attention  to who you are working with. Don’t get caught up trying to join the In-crowd. Make the music you want to make and not what is hot right now.

Filling in the blanks dropped on September 6th 2018, with all original artwork by Andy Immerman. Starting off with ‘What’s It Gunna Be’, Scott takes us on a journey with his culmination of hip-hop with uptempo danceable beats and a fusion of electronic, funk foundation. The final track ‘Mile High City’ is sure to be a new mantra of sorts for many Denver locals. Catch MIDIcinal next on September 20th at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, with Late Night Radio.

Until then, strap on your dancing shoes and reward yourself with the sound that is MIDIcinal. ‘Filling In The Blanks’ is on both Spotify and Soundcloud.

Listeners can also tune in to Potent Productions Mini Mix Mondays on Soundcloud today, Monday, September 17 for a never before heard, all original MIDIcinal mix!

We look forward to what’s in store from MIDIcinal and will definitely continue to share his work with all of you!