Maazel & Midas Deliver Massive Single "Rebirth"

The electronic music scene has always been known for its ability to adapt, innovate, and inspire on an annual basis. The past year has been known by many to be the mainstream breakout of “future bass” music with artists like the Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and even Fall Out Boy releasing their own renditions of some of the most popular bass trends to date. With this increased popularity, up and coming artists are enjoying the benefit of having a better opportunity than ever to make an impact on the world around us. However, with so many producers trying to make a name for themselves it’s easy to fall behind on some of Soundcloud’s best up and coming talent.

Today I’m happy to present a new original from two of my favorite up and coming producers to emerge over the course of the past year. Going by the stage names Maazel & Midas, both of these young producers have shown an unprecedented amount of knowledge and skill within the short time they’ve been public on social media. You may have heard of Maazel from his anthem with graves entitled “Lost Boys” or his most recent flip of Vincent’s “Breathe”, but I can assure you this newest single is some of his most innovate work to date.

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Teaming up with the talented Midas, these two young electro phonemes decided to combine popular influences with some of the old-school sound styles that got this scene to where it is today. Midas hit the scene with a massive Marshmello & Illenium influenced remix of Martin Garrix’s “In the Name of Love”. He's only been public for 4 months and has already accumulated over close to a million plays on Soundcloud alone. By combining powerful buildups with catchy melodies and room filling synths, it's no surprise that this cat has been racking up followers at an exponential rate with no end in sight.

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Their newest single “Rebirth” combines elements of future bass, progressive house, and melodic drum & bass to create a captivating atmosphere unlike any other artist in the game. This track provides glimpses of Porter Robinson’s “Language” along with powerful synths and spacious effects to create a world in and of itself. Aside from the crazy production, the added vocal chops are perfectly panned throughout the soundscape to capture the listeners attention and really separate them from whatever it is they’re doing at the time. With subtle percussion to combat well placed drum fills, the drop of this songs hits seamlessly.

It’s evident that both of these producers have been honing their craft for years on end prior to releasing their music and truthfully it’s extremely refreshing to see up and coming artists approaching the game with such a professional mindset. The chord progressions are brilliantly written and when combined with a quick melody to keep the flow going, this track does a great job at keeping you interested from start to finish. The subtle foley sounds of birds chirping and waves splashing help bring the listener to a relaxed mindset and ultimately provide the perfect groundwork for this track to be played out at a variety of festivals over the course of the summer. 

If this is your first time hearing either of these artists, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your life to check out both of their Soundcloud pages. I can assure you that both of these guys will be making huge moves over the coming years and it always nice to say that you were a fan of an artist before they hit the main stage. Additionally, both of these artists are incredibly humble down to earth guys who are part of stellar community of young talent. The list of collaborations goes on and on and their desire to succeed is noticeable in each and every track they release. It’s been a privilege to hear what these guys have been up to and I really hope you guys enjoy this track as much as I did! Be sure to give them some love on all your socials so all your friends can stay up to date with their newest releases as well.