Illenium Delivers New Single "Fractures"

The name Illenium has quickly grown into one of the biggest electronic acts in the scene. Crushing 2016 with huge remixes such as the Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” and Flume’s “Say It”, Nick Miller has solidified himself as one of the most talented producers around. Following the release of his debut album “Ashes”, Illenium has gone on to curate a unique sound by capturing melodic guitar riffs alongside analog drum pads to create a chilling orchestral experience unlike any other producer in the game. Highlighted by perfectly chopped vocal leads and spine-chilling drops, Illenium is charging into 2017 with a second album set to drop sometime this summer.

As fans gear up for what is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated electronic albums of the year, Illenium has delivered on his promise of new material with a brand new single entitled “Fractures”. Featuring vocals from up and coming singer/songwriter Nevve, this song emulates organic sound design mixed with classic Illenium taiko drums to create a huge, emotional atmosphere capped by a sensational vocally distorted drop. Nevve has previously been a huge piece of tracks such as Jerry Folk's "Life Under Water" and Elephante's "Catching On", continually displaying her ability to create a deep sense of empathy with each phrase that passes. The initial guitar riff instantly pulls you into the relaxed, yet captivating vibe and by combining elements from his first album, Miller displays his innovation by creating a song that appeals to virtually anyone who listens. 

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Seeing as Nick’s melodic roots run deep from inspirations such as Seven Lions, Odesza, and Bassnectar, it only seems fitting that “Fractures” is a perfect example of what fans can expect from his newest album. Along with the announcement of Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in May, Illenials can expect to hear a whole lot of new music over the next few months. With his name on just about every major festival in store this summer, Miller will be hitting the grindstone hard, breaking out new edits, remixes, and ultimately killer sets to back up his meteoric rise to stardom. As the year 2017 unfolds, expect the name Illenium to quickly grow as one of the most successful artists in the scene. Be on the lookout for new material but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy one of Illenium’s most chilled, melodically innovative tracks to date. 

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Illenium's Upcoming Dates:

February 10 - Time Nightclub, Costa Mesa, CA

February 11 - Crush, San Francisco, CA

February 16 - Knitting Factory, Spokane , WA

February 18 - Knitting Factory, Boise, ID

March 1 - The Agora Theater, Cleveland, OH

March 2 - Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

March 3 - Skyway Theater, Minneapolis, MN

March 4 - Arvest Bank Theater At The Midland, Kansas City, MO

April 7 - Minus Zero festival, Londonderry, VT

April 8 - Phoenix Lights (Date TBA), Phoenix, AZ

April 14 - Seasons Festival (Date TBA), Vancouver, BC

April 18 - JPJ Arena w/ The Chainsmokers, Charlottesville, VA

May 5 - Middlelands (Date TBA), Todd Mission, TX

May 5 - Shaky Beats Festival (Date TBA), Atlanta, GA

May 20 - Global Dub Festival, Morrison, TN

June 8 - Bonnaroo (Date TBA), Manchester, TN

June 22 - Electric Forest (Date TBA), Riothbury, MI

June 29 - Electric Forest (Date TBA), Rothbury, MI

Written By: Cooper Turley