FREE Ticketmaster Events

    As you may have seen or read, a recent settlement in the case of Schlesinger vs Ticketmaster may have granted you discounted or even free ticket vouchers if you purchased tickets to a Ticketmaster event between 1999-2013. This comes as great news to avid concert goes as plenty of east and west coast venues use Ticketmaster/Live Nation as their primary ticket outlet. If any shows come to mind, head over to your Ticketmaster profile and select “My Account”. From there you will see an option “Active Vouchers” on the left hand side of the page. This page will display all of the discounts and free ticket voucher you’ve accumulate from the shows you attended a few years back. 

    Now I know this probably has you stoked thinking that you can save money on your next Red Rocks show or an expensive event that you wan’t to attend but was out of your budget. For as good as these free ticket vouchers might sound on the surface, I’m here to tell you to hold your horses. These vouchers are only eligible for select events. Ticketmaster just released the first wave of eligible events which can be found here. Unfortunately if you’re currently living in Colorado, there aren’t any shows eligible in your state. With that being said, this does provide you with a great opportunity to travel out of the state and attend a show for free.

       Some noteworthy shows that I noticed while browsing the list including an Evening with STS9 in Atlanta, String Cheese in Atlanta, The Blink-182 Tour, G-Eazy and Logic’s tour, and Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s Tour. These vouchers are only available to those who snag them up fastest so be sure to head over to link and grab your tickets while you can.

    These vouchers are eligible through June of 2020 with the list being updated periodically throughout the year(s). If none of the initial shows entice you, don’t panic. Other great shows are sure to pop up over the years. If one things for certain, I think we can all be happy that karma finally got back to Ticketmaster for those ridiculous service fees. Good luck and happy free show hunting!

Written By: Cooper Turley