Geist has been “Thinking About You”

New year, new music, new shows for the LA based mystery trio.

by Devan Welch on January 12th, 2016

The mysterious trio GEIST has taken time off to hone in on their music as of late to bring

you a new look at an old classic. Geist always gets their inspiration from 80’s and 90’s

classics, and this time is no different! Taking one of the most prolific top lines from the

90’s, Geist mixes in their G House and Future influences to bring another hit to the

world. What way to kick off 2016!

Geist-Thinking About You

The tune will be live on Thursday (1/14)or the masses, and as usual for free download!

We’d love it if you could include the song in any features or rotations. The topline is

cleared for use and ready to go! Enclosed is the private download link, I’ll be following up

morning of release with the live link. Thank you!

The Los Angeles based trio is celebrating this release by playing their first ever show in

the City of Sin as well on 1/16/2016.