It's a New Music Kinda Monday feat. MIDIcinal

Denver’s music scene is a sardine can of local musicians trying to make their way amongst the current of the music industry to create something authentic. MIDIcinal, aka Scott Rhatigan, has been gracing the local music scene with the authenticity of his sound for quite some time now.

With his new EP release dropping last week, Scott found some time to sit down with us here at Bass Feeds the Soul to give us an inside perspective on MIDIcinal and the production of ‘Filling in the Blanks’.

Photo by Little Bison Photography

Photo by Little Bison Photography

Your music has been described in numerous ways, but how would you describe your genre bending sound? And what draws you to that sort of style?
With all the genres nowadays I tend to stick to calling it Funky Electronic, Bassy Hip-Hop.
My new thing is calling it Hype Hop. Hip hop that gets you Hyped!

What activities outside of the music scene influence your sound?

I’ve always been big into skateboarding which has been big in the hip hop culture, or vice versa. I feel they go hand in hand. I love watching skate videos where the beat is edited perfectly to the tricks! Skating has a chill swag to it like lo-fi beats.

Who did you enjoy working with most on the EP?

I enjoyed working with everyone equally. However, Homemade Spaceship was the only one I worked with in person hah! Rob and I have become pretty good homies over the passed year and he’s taught me a lot in the studio. Working with TheBusiness & Tommy D. was definitely the funkiest. I really love their music and was glad they threw some of that flavor on the EP.
BURKEY I’ve personally never met, but he’s been an awesome dude to work with. He sings and raps so I will definitely get a lot of work done with him the future!

What’s been your favorite track to debut live & why?
I’ve liked What’s It Gonna Be a lot. When I started the track I had a feeling it would be my favorite and I really put a lot of hard work into it so it’s nice to hear it blast and see people move to it!

What project or show are you most excited for in the upcoming months?
I’m extremely excited about playing with Late Night Radio at The Fox in Boulder! He’s been one of my bigger inspirations throughout my musical journey. As of now I don’t have much else planned, I will be working on a winter run of shows in December/January, but until then I’ll be busy building a nice catalogue of music!

Do you have any collaborations in the near future we should watch out for?  
I have a remix for my homie Pi Wrecks in the works right now which is gonna be real nice. I don’t have much started now,but I’ve been talking with LOTS of artists =)
Also, if any artists want to collab, holla at me!

Finally, you seem to be doing very well for an up and coming musician in the Denver scene, what advice do you have for other young musicians looking to do the same?

I would say Just stay positive and patient. Sometimes shows and other opportunities arise left and right. And others you won’t get a booking for a month or more. Just don’t lose focus, and make sure you are ready to fill the spot someone less hungry wasn’t able to handle!
It’s an endless hustle and you have to pay attention  to who you are working with. Don’t get caught up trying to join the In-crowd. Make the music you want to make and not what is hot right now.

Filling in the blanks dropped on September 6th 2018, with all original artwork by Andy Immerman. Starting off with ‘What’s It Gunna Be’, Scott takes us on a journey with his culmination of hip-hop with uptempo danceable beats and a fusion of electronic, funk foundation. The final track ‘Mile High City’ is sure to be a new mantra of sorts for many Denver locals. Catch MIDIcinal next on September 20th at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, with Late Night Radio.

Until then, strap on your dancing shoes and reward yourself with the sound that is MIDIcinal. ‘Filling In The Blanks’ is on both Spotify and Soundcloud.

Listeners can also tune in to Potent Productions Mini Mix Mondays on Soundcloud today, Monday, September 17 for a never before heard, all original MIDIcinal mix!

We look forward to what’s in store from MIDIcinal and will definitely continue to share his work with all of you!


Maazel & Midas Deliver Massive Single "Rebirth"

The electronic music scene has always been known for its ability to adapt, innovate, and inspire on an annual basis. The past year has been known by many to be the mainstream breakout of “future bass” music with artists like the Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, and even Fall Out Boy releasing their own renditions of some of the most popular bass trends to date. With this increased popularity, up and coming artists are enjoying the benefit of having a better opportunity than ever to make an impact on the world around us. However, with so many producers trying to make a name for themselves it’s easy to fall behind on some of Soundcloud’s best up and coming talent.

Today I’m happy to present a new original from two of my favorite up and coming producers to emerge over the course of the past year. Going by the stage names Maazel & Midas, both of these young producers have shown an unprecedented amount of knowledge and skill within the short time they’ve been public on social media. You may have heard of Maazel from his anthem with graves entitled “Lost Boys” or his most recent flip of Vincent’s “Breathe”, but I can assure you this newest single is some of his most innovate work to date.

Follow Maazel on SC:

Teaming up with the talented Midas, these two young electro phonemes decided to combine popular influences with some of the old-school sound styles that got this scene to where it is today. Midas hit the scene with a massive Marshmello & Illenium influenced remix of Martin Garrix’s “In the Name of Love”. He's only been public for 4 months and has already accumulated over close to a million plays on Soundcloud alone. By combining powerful buildups with catchy melodies and room filling synths, it's no surprise that this cat has been racking up followers at an exponential rate with no end in sight.

Follow Midas On SC:

Their newest single “Rebirth” combines elements of future bass, progressive house, and melodic drum & bass to create a captivating atmosphere unlike any other artist in the game. This track provides glimpses of Porter Robinson’s “Language” along with powerful synths and spacious effects to create a world in and of itself. Aside from the crazy production, the added vocal chops are perfectly panned throughout the soundscape to capture the listeners attention and really separate them from whatever it is they’re doing at the time. With subtle percussion to combat well placed drum fills, the drop of this songs hits seamlessly.

It’s evident that both of these producers have been honing their craft for years on end prior to releasing their music and truthfully it’s extremely refreshing to see up and coming artists approaching the game with such a professional mindset. The chord progressions are brilliantly written and when combined with a quick melody to keep the flow going, this track does a great job at keeping you interested from start to finish. The subtle foley sounds of birds chirping and waves splashing help bring the listener to a relaxed mindset and ultimately provide the perfect groundwork for this track to be played out at a variety of festivals over the course of the summer. 

If this is your first time hearing either of these artists, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your life to check out both of their Soundcloud pages. I can assure you that both of these guys will be making huge moves over the coming years and it always nice to say that you were a fan of an artist before they hit the main stage. Additionally, both of these artists are incredibly humble down to earth guys who are part of stellar community of young talent. The list of collaborations goes on and on and their desire to succeed is noticeable in each and every track they release. It’s been a privilege to hear what these guys have been up to and I really hope you guys enjoy this track as much as I did! Be sure to give them some love on all your socials so all your friends can stay up to date with their newest releases as well. 

Illenium Delivers New Single "Fractures"

The name Illenium has quickly grown into one of the biggest electronic acts in the scene. Crushing 2016 with huge remixes such as the Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” and Flume’s “Say It”, Nick Miller has solidified himself as one of the most talented producers around. Following the release of his debut album “Ashes”, Illenium has gone on to curate a unique sound by capturing melodic guitar riffs alongside analog drum pads to create a chilling orchestral experience unlike any other producer in the game. Highlighted by perfectly chopped vocal leads and spine-chilling drops, Illenium is charging into 2017 with a second album set to drop sometime this summer.

As fans gear up for what is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated electronic albums of the year, Illenium has delivered on his promise of new material with a brand new single entitled “Fractures”. Featuring vocals from up and coming singer/songwriter Nevve, this song emulates organic sound design mixed with classic Illenium taiko drums to create a huge, emotional atmosphere capped by a sensational vocally distorted drop. Nevve has previously been a huge piece of tracks such as Jerry Folk's "Life Under Water" and Elephante's "Catching On", continually displaying her ability to create a deep sense of empathy with each phrase that passes. The initial guitar riff instantly pulls you into the relaxed, yet captivating vibe and by combining elements from his first album, Miller displays his innovation by creating a song that appeals to virtually anyone who listens. 

Illenium's Full SC Page:

Seeing as Nick’s melodic roots run deep from inspirations such as Seven Lions, Odesza, and Bassnectar, it only seems fitting that “Fractures” is a perfect example of what fans can expect from his newest album. Along with the announcement of Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in May, Illenials can expect to hear a whole lot of new music over the next few months. With his name on just about every major festival in store this summer, Miller will be hitting the grindstone hard, breaking out new edits, remixes, and ultimately killer sets to back up his meteoric rise to stardom. As the year 2017 unfolds, expect the name Illenium to quickly grow as one of the most successful artists in the scene. Be on the lookout for new material but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy one of Illenium’s most chilled, melodically innovative tracks to date. 

Illenium's FB Page:

Illenium's Instagram:

Illenium's Upcoming Dates:

February 10 - Time Nightclub, Costa Mesa, CA

February 11 - Crush, San Francisco, CA

February 16 - Knitting Factory, Spokane , WA

February 18 - Knitting Factory, Boise, ID

March 1 - The Agora Theater, Cleveland, OH

March 2 - Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

March 3 - Skyway Theater, Minneapolis, MN

March 4 - Arvest Bank Theater At The Midland, Kansas City, MO

April 7 - Minus Zero festival, Londonderry, VT

April 8 - Phoenix Lights (Date TBA), Phoenix, AZ

April 14 - Seasons Festival (Date TBA), Vancouver, BC

April 18 - JPJ Arena w/ The Chainsmokers, Charlottesville, VA

May 5 - Middlelands (Date TBA), Todd Mission, TX

May 5 - Shaky Beats Festival (Date TBA), Atlanta, GA

May 20 - Global Dub Festival, Morrison, TN

June 8 - Bonnaroo (Date TBA), Manchester, TN

June 22 - Electric Forest (Date TBA), Riothbury, MI

June 29 - Electric Forest (Date TBA), Rothbury, MI

Written By: Cooper Turley 

FREE Ticketmaster Events

    As you may have seen or read, a recent settlement in the case of Schlesinger vs Ticketmaster may have granted you discounted or even free ticket vouchers if you purchased tickets to a Ticketmaster event between 1999-2013. This comes as great news to avid concert goes as plenty of east and west coast venues use Ticketmaster/Live Nation as their primary ticket outlet. If any shows come to mind, head over to your Ticketmaster profile and select “My Account”. From there you will see an option “Active Vouchers” on the left hand side of the page. This page will display all of the discounts and free ticket voucher you’ve accumulate from the shows you attended a few years back. 

    Now I know this probably has you stoked thinking that you can save money on your next Red Rocks show or an expensive event that you wan’t to attend but was out of your budget. For as good as these free ticket vouchers might sound on the surface, I’m here to tell you to hold your horses. These vouchers are only eligible for select events. Ticketmaster just released the first wave of eligible events which can be found here. Unfortunately if you’re currently living in Colorado, there aren’t any shows eligible in your state. With that being said, this does provide you with a great opportunity to travel out of the state and attend a show for free.

       Some noteworthy shows that I noticed while browsing the list including an Evening with STS9 in Atlanta, String Cheese in Atlanta, The Blink-182 Tour, G-Eazy and Logic’s tour, and Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s Tour. These vouchers are only available to those who snag them up fastest so be sure to head over to link and grab your tickets while you can.

    These vouchers are eligible through June of 2020 with the list being updated periodically throughout the year(s). If none of the initial shows entice you, don’t panic. Other great shows are sure to pop up over the years. If one things for certain, I think we can all be happy that karma finally got back to Ticketmaster for those ridiculous service fees. Good luck and happy free show hunting!

Written By: Cooper Turley

Stööki Sound ft Marky D - “Stage Dive”

Having just signed to new managementStööki Sound release a fresh banger that puts fans in high hopes for what will become of this young talented duo. “Stage Dive” has the core elements of true trap, while pushing the edge with its heavy 808s, and brings in a melody that just can’t be resisted.

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Less than a month after his previous release, Tchami once again delivers with the 4th installment from his prodigious label Confession. Los Angeles based duo ATICA, take the reigns with their heavy house-infused “Go Back” available now on iTunes.


Encapsulating both the recognizable sound of Confession alongside ATICA’s dark brand of future house which the duo has been perfecting over the past year makes this cut the perfect addition to Confession’s early string of successful records. Beginning with a driving 4x4 kick and pervasive percussions to match, the track dives headfirst into a frenetic build up alongside eerie vocals as it ultimately breaks into a future house filled drop featuring swirling synth melodies. Suitable primed to bridge the gap between main stage anthem and intimate club banger, ‘Go Back’ is everything we’ve come to expect and adore from yet another rousing Confession release.


Despite being less than 2 months old, the label has been heralded as a widespread success, thanks in large part to their knack for premiering innovative tracks from both new and seasoned producers. So be sure to stay up to date on Tchami’s socials and listen to his Confession mini-mix, which featured upcoming releases from the innovative new label. 










Maestro Harrell & Arcando Release New Single “Boa” via Armada Trice [OUT NOW]

Hot on the heels of his previous dancefloor banger, “Olympus,” via Mainstage Music, Maestro Harrell ontinues to bring the heat. anuary 11, 2016 will see his latest release, in collaboration with Arcando,“Boa,” on Armada’s power sub label -­ Trice.

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Pharrell Williams Joins WatchTheDuck In "Inside The Trojan Horse"


“When I hear it, I hear something new…just completely alien”  – Pharrell Williams

“When I hear it, I hear something new…just completely alien”
– Pharrell Williams

Los Angeles, CA – Last year was exceptionally momentous for WatchTheDuck. The collective released their highly anticipated EP, The Trojan Horse in November 2015, which featured collaborations with Pharrell WilliamsT.I.Steve Aoki, and more. The Trojan Horse was released via Dim Mak / Epic Records and is now available on iTunes hereBillboard quotes the collective’s dynamic as “EDM with hip-hop weaving in soulful hooks and high-energy production meant to evoke emotion.” The Trojan Horse also received solid support from Zane Lowe on Beats 1FaderComplexand more.

Continuing the momentum of last year’s success, WatchTheDuck releases Episode One: i am OTHER from their newly launched Inside The Trojan Horse series. The videos provide an in-depth look at the essence of WTD's formation, purpose and development, highlighting all of the hard work they put into the collective. Episode one includes a roundtable discussion featuring WatchTheDuck and Pharrell Williams, which can be viewed here.
WatchTheDuck kicked off their holiday season with an exclusive mix for Ministry of Sound’s 12 Days of Mixmas (Stream). Additionally, fans heard the collective’s new single “Stretch 2-3-4” feat Pharrell Williams on a Samsung Galaxy commercial (Watch). Recently, WTD celebrated a #1 spot on Hype Machine’s Twitter Chart with MERCE’s fresh take on “Making Luv to the Beat” feat. T.I & DJ E-Feezy (Listen). WatchTheDuck is making major headway in 2016 and is thrilled to continue connecting with fans through their artistry. 

About WatchTheDuck:
Known for their innovative fusion of thumping electronics, soulful melodies and trap-inspired beats, WatchTheDuck is the brainchild of Jesse Rankins (vocalist—A.K.A. “The Voice”) and Eddie Smith III (producer/DJ—A.K.A. “The Sound”). While demolishing genre boundaries and setting new benchmarks in today’s music scene, WatchTheDuck has experienced critical acclaim due to their fresh perspective on production and songwriting smarts, which has earned them the support of influential figures as diverse as Tip, Aoki Williams and Tricky Stewart.


Dim Mak