EDC Vegas: Official Shuttles & How to Get There!

     Insomniac Events’, the mastermind behind Electric Daisy Carnival, released their official shuttles passes for EDC Vegas two weeks ago. These shuttles were introduced as a popular form of transportation from the Las Vegas Strip to the actual festival, which is about an hour to two hours away. This article break down the options for the official shuttles, and explore the numerous alternatives to arrive with ease to the festival. Proper planning is essential to not only surviving EDC Las Vegas, but to ensure a safe and smooth experience.

Photo Not Property Of Bass Feeds The Soul

Photo Not Property Of Bass Feeds The Soul



  1. Official EDC Vegas Shuttles

Pros: Provided directly by Insomniac, these shuttles are Pasquale’s gift to all of the festival goers- the most convenient, accessible form of transportation to the festival. This year, there will be 9 stops (8 of which are on the strip), and are all hotel locations. Departures start at 6 PM and will go through 2 AM, while shuttles from the festival returning to the Vegas Strip will begin at 2 AM and resolve until 8 AM. From a personal opinion, I felt the shuttle was a fun experience. On the way to the festival, the bus is filled with smiling, exciting faces and on the way back, most people nap or all relive the night’s events. The cost is, I believe, fairly decent ($101 with fees). Last year (and in previous years), because of the insane traffic, the shuttles had a special route allowed and went off main roads, and even through a military base which helped speed up the travel time, as opposed to taxis and cars which have to be exclusively on the main roads. Travel time from the strip to the festival can range from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on traffic. The shuttles themselves are extremely nice and air conditioned. They are huge, comfy, and in my opinion, better than sitting in a car or taxi for an hour.



Cons: This goes without saying but you are only allowed to board a shuttle for which you purchased. For example, if you have a “Cosmopolitan” shuttle, you can only board that stop and return to that particular hotel after the festival. Also, not all shuttles run throughout the entire night (check the schedule below). This means that if you wish to leave early or arrive at different hours, a shuttle might not work for you. There is limited flexibility in the official shuttles. If you are not one of the lucky 8 hotel stops for the official shuttle, you have to make arrangements to get to that stop in order to take the shuttle (although there will be a shuttle stop within walking distance of every hotel). I never had to wait long to board the shuttle to the festival, but coming back is a complete nightmare. The lines to get on your specific shuttle from 7-8 AM is madness. Everyone is exhausted and tired and leaving at the same exact time. It’s also extremely hot in Las Vegas at 7 AM, and standing in a line for over half an hour is brutal. I’m not sure exactly how this problem will be fixed, because it was such a big issue last year. I waited over an hour to board my shuttle on the last night of EDC (the other two nights was at least half an hour). If you leave earlier, at around 4-5 AM, the lines are shorter and you can get back fairly smoothly. But who wants to leave EDC early?


2. Taxis

Pros: This is perfect because you can come and go as you please- except they are considerably expensive compared to other options of transportation. A taxi one way will be at least $100.


Cons: Cost. Also, finding one from the festival grounds will be difficult. There is a taxi stand at the Speedway in the mornings but the lines are super long, and there is a chance that you will not get one. Many taxis from the strip are unwilling to take you to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on a weekend night, unless you make prior arrangements.


3. Third party shuttles

Cons: Not reliable. They may cost less than the official EDC Vegas shuttles, but there have been bad reputations about third party shuttles to EDC in the past.


4. Driving

Pros: The flexibility of coming and going as you please is the highest with this option. Official parking passes are $120, but divided by all members in the car it is not that much.


Cons: Driving! No one wants to be the driver and sit in Las Vegas traffic to the festival, and especially no one wants to drive at 6 or 7 AM after an amazing, but exhausting and sleepness night. This might not be the safest option either. As long as there is a DD for the night it could work, but sheer tiredness seems like it might interfere from this being a viable option for many. The beauty of the shuttle is the ability to nap in an air conditioned, extremely nice shuttle and not have to worry about anything getting in the way of your return to the hotel on the strip.

The official EDC Vegas shuttles are not perfect, but they do ensure a worrisome way to the festival grounds with other amazing people going to the same place. Yes, you will have to wait in lines, which I hope they somewhat mediate this year, but that is an inevitable aspect of 125,000 people leaving the same area to get to one place. Also, these will sell out! Unfortunately, I waited too long last year and missed buying the shuttles passes directly through Insomniac. Instead, I paid almost double for the same pass on a third party ticket reseller. Plan ahead and buy them as soon as you can. This is my favorite option, and I definitely will be using this shuttle service again!

Regardless of what option you choose, arriving safely and with ease to the festival is an important aspect. Start planning with your crew and decide what works best for everyone- every day brings all of us one step closer to the festival!

Official EDC Las Vegas Shuttles: Schedule for 2015

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