Colorado Skies: Sonic Bloom The Unified Field

Sonic Bloom is one of Colorado’s premier music festivals. It occurs in Spanish Peaks Country on June 16th - 19th, 2016. With breathtaking views, experiences, and memories awaiting, it is not one to miss. With an expanded lineup of music and artists each year, this is sure to be one of the most incredible Blooms yet.

Picture this… Driving through scenic Colorado with your best friends, windows rolled down, wind blowing through your hair, chasing the golden hour as the sunset paints the sky brilliant hues of gold, scarlet, and indigo. You pull up to Hummingbird Ranch, set right in the heart of breathtaking Spanish Peaks Country. Greeted by friendly staff and fellow festival attendees, you and your crew nestle into your campsites and set up your dojo for the weekend, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, rolling hills, and even a babbling brook just steps away from your home base for the next four days. After getting appropriately acquainted with your neighbors, celebrating the journey ahead with friends new and old, you sneak away into your tent for some much-needed rest to prepare for one of the most memorable weekends of your life.

Awake to the songs of chirping birds, as well as the joyous laughs of fellow bloomers. You slowly open your eyes, a gigantic grin taking form on your face. Next step, to explore the festival grounds. Walking through the campsites, your neighbors welcome you home with good mornings and hellos. Continuing onward, you weave through the rest of the grounds, greeted with splendor and wonder from incredible art installations, from community installments, to vendors selling magical trinkets and artwork, to interactive installments, and finally to the most intricate top-notch stage productions you’ve ever seen. Some of them haven’t even fully come to life yet, awaiting the arrival of pixies, goblins and elves coming out to play and cause mischief under the light of the moon.

In addition, Sonic Bloom also offers a full lineup of yoga and movement workshops, community speaking workshops, and interactive community building workshops designed to open the heart and mind to a collaborative, mindful way of living. There are even full courses offered through Sonic Bloom Academy, occurring from June 13-16th, right before the festival, offering an even more thorough invitation into broadening one’s horizons.

Finally, after exploring in the morning, taking periodic breaks to rest, the heart of the festival bursts open and comes to life. Performance artists prance through the night, entertaining all who pass and instilling a sense of wonder and imagination. Lights dance among the trees, illuminating all of the incredible artwork surrounding the grounds of Sonic Bloom. You arrive at the stages, which have burst into full bloom. You gaze in astonishment at the detail, each surface packed with projection mapping from the most forward-thinking visionary artists known to man, erupting from the most imaginative stage designs. A creative cornucopia, every crevasse of this festival is sure to amaze.

The lineup invites a diverse sea of music tastes, including two sets of Tipper, A Bonobo DJ set, the Opiuo Band, Eoto, Grouch & Eligh, Govinda, Defunk, The Human Experience, Sunsquabi, and many, many more. Practically any musical desire you could possibly crave is right at your fingertips. Graced with the beauty and glory of the stage production, each artist stuns with a uniquely incredible experience.

Finally, after a four day sensory wonderland, you and your friends rest your heads for the long drive home. Looking back at the indescribable weekend you just had, your heart feels at home within the warm embrace of Sonic Bloom. You came for the music, but you got so much more. An experience of a lifetime, this festival is one of the most incredible gifts you can ever give yourself.

Sonic Bloom: The Unified Field occurs on June 16th - 19th 2016 in Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado.

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Article written by Hanna Danecker

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