Advice from the Forest Family

Written by Arooj Mustansir

In just a few short weeks we will finally be back at Rothbury’s beloved Electric Forest!  This will be the festivals second year with back to back weekends and there will without a doubt be amazing things in store.  The forest has so much to offer and worth exploring so we decided to seek advice from the forest family about what they think you should experience there. Here is what they had to say:

Photo by Madi Lawton

Photo by Madi Lawton

I think that something first time attendees need to experience in the forest is a couple hours spent alone in the forest. You came with your group of friends and that's great, you can have a lot of fun with them in the forest too. But, this being my 4th year, one of my favorite things to do is venture off alone in the forest, day or night, and meet new people and have solo experiences that I think are much different in meaning than group interactions. When you're alone, or without people you're familiar with, you really begin to take in the scene and understand the amazingness of the forest. It's a place for one to self-reflect maybe on life, or maybe on the actual festival. When you're alone instead of talking to your friends about the whole festival and experience, you talk to yourself. I think this experience of wandering the forest alone can be introspective and a very positive thing that may help guide people to realizations in their life.  As they say, if you get lost in the forest, you just may find yourself.

  • Jon, Wisconsin
Photo by Madi Lawton

Photo by Madi Lawton

Make sure to check out Reincarnation Village while you’re there.  There is so many incredible sights and sounds to take in. It has some of the most incredible art in the whole festival and is a great way to solidify your connection to nature.  

  • Amy, Maryland 

The Hangar was my favorite spot last year that everyone should make sure they experience. It feels like you’re entering a completely different world and there are so many interactive aspects of it.  Get tattoos, a haircut, try on crazy outfits, you name it and the Hangar has it.   

  • Alex, Illinois 

I would take at least one walk through the forest while a headliner plays.  It’s practically empty and feels so serene. It gives you a different perspective of the grounds.

  • Lauren, Illinois

Wherever you are, talk to a stranger. This festival is the best place to make new friends and connections because everyone there is so open minded and friendly.  I’ve made some amazing friends in my time at the festival and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  • Cassidy, Colorado 

If you follow this advice and live in the moment you will be sure to make some incredible memories there. Make sure to grab your tickets to Electric forest here!

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