Top 7 Reasons Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival will be a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Written by Arooj Mustansir

As the new year rolls in so do countless lineup announcements which can make choosing the best festival to attend seem a little daunting at times.  Well luckily for you we’ve scoured countless promising lineups from around the country and it is crystal clear that Okeechobee Festival is the event that you need to experience.  Legions of music lovers have made the wise decision to enter the portal the past two years of its existence and can attest to the unwavering magic it holds.  Like fine wine music events get even better with age so the renowned Florida festival isn’t holding back for Its third year.  It will be bringing out music industry heavy hitters and creating one of a kind experiences no other festival comes remotely close to matching.  Here are the top 7 reasons why Okeechobee Festival takes the cake in blowing us away with everything it has to offer.  


1.    Bassnectar Full Moon Set

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

Photo by aLIVE Coverage

Bassnectar doesn’t need much of an introduction considering his groundbreaking music and unparalleled mixing speaks for itself.  The wizard has been a staple at every major electronic festival for years, so he will undoubtedly be making many appearances throughout the Summer to satisfy diehard bassheads.  However, one thing you can expect not to find anywhere else but Okeechobee is one of his regular sets along with a full moon set.  Yes, you read that right: A BASSNECTAR FULL MOON SET IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  You have a chance to watch the king of the sound harness celestial energy under beautiful Floridian palm trees to deliver an immense and invigorating performance.  This is the first time in bass history that he is playing this kind of set and attendees will be telling their grandchildren about it years from now because of what a rare opportunity this is.  A major reason Bassnectar has so many dedicated followers is because of the diversity he brings to every set so expect these two sets be their own unique journeys or better yet: come with no expectations.  There is honestly no better value at an event than to see such an innovative headliner twice so take the opportunity to witness it happen at Okeechobee.


2.    The Glimmering Beauty of Sunshine Grove

Photo by Live Edits Lab

Photo by Live Edits Lab

After roughing it in the less than pleasant conditions many festivals face, when we come across an event that offers such a gorgeous location along with its top-notch production we can’t help but rejoice.  Sunshine Grove is an outdoor venue in the quaint city of Okeechobee known for its acres of picturesque greenery and glistening lakes nestled away from the chaotic atmosphere of Florida’s major cities.  It offers attendees an ideal escape from the hectic routines of daily life into a subtropical paradise while still being within a few hours of multiple airports.  A lot of festivals leave you feeling exhausted and drained afterwards because there is hardly any chance to unwind but after attending Okeechobee last year I came home feeling almost recharged and pampered.  This was because it felt like a relaxing vacation the whole time due to the beauty and radiance of the area.  This festival truly offers the best of both worlds in terms of lineup and location so look no further for your dream musical retreat. 


3.    Community Based Structure and Layout

The organizers created a dynamic layout that encompasses the most stunning and accessible areas of the grounds.  The festival is split into The Grove which is where the main stages are and the Moonlight Oasis which is devoted to creating an interactive and community oriented environment.  The stages at The Grove are easy to navigate around and will be the site of most headliner performances.  The Moonlight Oasis is home to Chobeewobee Village which is a setting where attendees can engage in activities that stimulate creativity.  From inspiring art installations to educational workshops, the goal is to provide you with insightful entertainment that will connect you with others.  One of the facets of the village is Yogachobee which features guided yoga classes and workshops designed to help you find peace, balance, and unity.  There is no better feeling than bonding with others through mind-blowing art and music and this festival gives you a chance to do just that. 


4.    Okeechobeings Radiate Love and Enthusiasm

One of the most memorable parts about this festival for me was that everyone I met was so welcoming and filled with life.  Maybe it’s the calming atmosphere that Sunshine Grove possesses or the incredible music but everyone seemed to be beaming with happiness and eager to spread it all around.  I left with multiple lifelong friendships and a newfound appreciation for the community that was formed at the event.  The thing about festivals is that when you are immersed in that kind of environment the attendees come together as a family and everyone looks out for one another.  When the environment is flawed or difficult to navigate in it can cause frustrations and tension amongst everyone, but because the grounds were so organized everyone had a positive attitude too.  Quality music brings quality people together so I’m expecting this year’s insane lineup to attract even more eccentric souls.  If you are looking for a festival where you can let loose with compassionate and free spirited people then this is the one for you!


5.    Massively Talented Artists from Every End of the Spectrum

 There is no question that Okeechobee Festival went above and beyond to cater to a variety of music tastes with this year’s lineup.  Not only is there a wide range of genres you can experience, but many of the artists on the lineup are icons which gives you the opportunity to see the best of the best all at the same place.  From Arcade Fire to Tipper and Travis Scott, there is no shortage of music legends to experience and broaden your tastes.  Although these huge names may attract a less experienced crowd to the festival, it gives them a chance to be exposed to a completely different world of music and expand their minds.  We all know how redundant it can get to go to an event where the artists are all from the same genre and have similar styles so this will certainly be a breath of fresh air.  Having all these acts play at the same location is likely to never happen anywhere else but in the portal so make sure you don’t miss out! 


6.    Stages Designed to Help You Discover New Music

 This festival is deeply rooted in connecting with nature and the stage setups are a reflection of that.  The Aquachobee Stage, Incendia Stage, and Jungle 51 draw you in with their mesmerizing layouts and also showcase many gifted up and coming artists.  Last year I stumbled across these stages and discovered many artists that blew me away with their skill and ingenuity and they ended up being some of my favorite acts at the event.  Stepping out of your comfort zones with music and seeing unknown artists can be a hit or miss but one of the most rewarding parts of the festival experience is unexpectedly falling in love with new sounds.  Be sure to explore the smaller stages in the Moonlight Oasis for late night secret sets and shows that will introduce you to future standout musicians. 

Photo by DV Photo

Photo by DV Photo

7.    Collaborations on the PoWow Stage

 When a festival has a stage solely dedicated to giving artists an outlet to combine their styles there are bound to be memorable and exceptional experiences in store.  The PoWow Stage is home to collaborations between many amazing artists that you can expect to be nothing short of extraordinary.  If you love being surprised by unexpected performances from your favorite acts then checking out this stage is a must for you at the festival.  Snoop Dogg will be gracing this stage and with all of other the huge names of the lineup this year the possibilities of what can happen are endless!   

Grab your tickets here while you still can!


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Coachella Announces 2018 Lineup + Ticket Onsale

Los Angeles, CA (January 2, 2018) – Now in it’s 19th year, Coachella returns to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA for two weekends set for April 13th – 15th and April 20th – 22nd. Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd will headline both weekends with additional performances by SZA, HAIM, ODESZA, Tyler, the Creator, Portugal. The Man, Kygo and more.(Full lineup as of January 2nd below).


Passes for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival go on sale Friday, January 5 at 12:00 PM PST at, while supplies last. All taxes, domestic shipping and fees are included in listed pass prices.


Okeechobee Music Festival Redefines Diversity with an Unprecedented Lineup

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival has melted our hearts yet again with one of the most exquisitely curated lineups 2018 has to offer.  The Florida festival demonstrated that versatility knows no bounds with a phenomenal lineup featuring Bassnectar, Hasley, Big Gigantic, Tipper, and even the one and only Snoop Dogg to name a few.  We almost thought we were dreaming when we realized that we have the chance to see so many iconic artists all at the same magical location!  Although many festivals strive to showcase a diverse group of artists, it is incredibly rare to see so many top of the line superstars from every major genre on the same lineup.  It will be taking place from March 1-4 and unless you are somehow content with missing a Bassnectar full moon set, I would make attending this festival one of your top priorities. 

Photo by Live Edits Lab

Photo by Live Edits Lab

Not only are the performances at Okeechobee Festival bound to be monumental, but it also happens to take place at one of the most scenic festival grounds around.  Located at the seemingly remote yet accessible Sunshine Grove, the festival offers a perfect escape into lush greenery and endless palm trees and is still within driving distance of many major airports throughout Florida.  It is also surrounded by the dazzling Lake Okeechobee which is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the country.  It is the ideal location for those of you who want to soak in the sunshine and immerse yourself in the remarkable nature and music around you.

Photo by Jamie Seed

Photo by Jamie Seed

Organizers at Soundslinger have worked tirelessly to create a layout for the festival ground that encapsulates its beauty and fully utilizes it.  The Grove is one of the main sections and features the Be, Here, and Now stages which are designed for nonstop entertainment that will keep you present and grounded in the moment.  The other section known as the Moonlight Oasis revolves around the lake and natural splendor of the area.  Whether you want to go for a swim and dance in the sands of Aquachobee, unwind and relax at Yogachobee, or move to the rhythm of one of a kind sounds at Jungle 51, there’s something for every adventurous soul out there.  The PoWow stage is notorious for its spontaneous collaborations between musicians so be prepared for once in a lifetime performances that will go down in history. 

Photo by JorgPhoto

Photo by JorgPhoto

Okeechobee Festival is certainly on the path to setting itself as one of greatest festivals of 2018 with everything it has to offer.   With its show stopping lineup, idyllic location, and emphasis on community, do not be surprised if you leave feeling rejuvenated with love and newfound inspiration.  This event sold out last year and is expected to again so lock in your ticket here to secure your spot in the portal! 

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7 Reasons You Need to Be at Decadence to Ring in the New Year!


1. The Headliners

It is well known that year after year Decadence has brought some of the biggest names in the industry to Colorado to help ring in the new year, and the 2017 installment of Decadence Colorado is no different! The headliners set to grace the stage Saturday include names like Bassnectar, Gramatik, Diplo and Justice. Sunday headliners include Odesza, Armin Van Buuren, Porter Robinson and Colorado’s own Big Gigantic. Each headliner is unique, bringing in their own sound, energy and vibe. Dueling stages titled “The Grid” and “The Vault” will play host to the heavyweights. However, the headliners aren’t the only artists that are packing a serious punch on this lineup. 


2. The Supporting Talent 



The supporting talent for Decadence this year is just as strong as the headliners. The lineup features some industry breakouts that have made quite the names for themselves in recent years. Saturday the standout names includes The Floozies, Troyboi, Space Jesus, and Tchami. The Floozies have made quite the splash in 2017, playing festivals all over the country and even playing the Dew Tour in Breckenridge earlier this month. Troyboi sold out the Boulder Theater during his last trip to Colorado, and he’s sure to not disappoint at Decadence! Sunday features names including Elephante, an artist that has been up and coming out of Los Angeles, as well as Ecotek, Denver local and resident DJ at The Church and Temple Nightclub. 



3. The Schedule 


At most festivals when you see so many incredible names your first worry is “there’s no way the schedule will allow me to see everyone.” While of course you can’t see everyone that graces the stage at Decadence, the organizers do a pretty fantastic job scheduling artists with similar fan bases at the same stages. Also, in many cases large “headliner” names won’t all be in the last time slot of the night and have their sets earlier in the day with much less overlap. 





4. The Production 


The Production at Decadence is absolutely mind blowing. Everywhere you turn in the venue there is something to look at. Each stage has lights and speakers going from the front of the room all the way to the back, ensuring you have a prime spot whether you are on the rail or towards the back of the crowd. Mind blowing visuals spread across the massive LED screens that make up each stage. No matter where you are standing in the venue, you are sure to experience fantastic sights and sounds!  



5. The Silent Disco 


The silent disco is the best spot to catch some of Colorado’s most promising up and comers. In the past the silent disco has played host to names like J/Adore, Stélouse, and Toy Box, names that have since grown to be staples of the Denver music scene. The lineup for 2017 is no different, bringing names that are sure to turn into local staples! Some artists to watch out for include Boulder local Dak-Atk, the current resident of Beta Nightclub,Timba, and Denver locals Denur and Freddy Rule. Each Dj has their own unique sound and will be sure to get you moving on the dance floor! 



6. VIP & Cabana Experience 


If you want to ring in the new year in style, Decadence has got you covered. Their Vip experience offers you extra convenience and luxury. You’ll start the night by being led through a separate VIP entrance, making getting into the venue faster and easier. Once inside you are able to access exclusive Vip areas with elevated viewing platforms to ensure you get the best view in the house. The viewing platforms are available at each stage, guaranteeing you get great seats for every artist on the lineup! If you want to dive into 2018 in the chicest way possible, gathering a group of six and booking a cabana is for you! Cabana experiences offer your own private cabana box seating with complimentary champagne and your own catered bottle service. VIP packages go quickly, so if you’re set on going big this year, make your reservations early! 


7. The Atmosphere 



The atmosphere at the City Beyond is unlike any other New Years Eve event in the country. The massive occasion attracts people from all across the country, making the crowd full of Denver locals and visitors alike. The City of Decadence welcomes its citizens and dazzles them from the moment they walk through the doors. The venue has interactive elements almost everywhere you turn, from massive art installations, lights, decorations, even characters walking around in full costume posing for pictures with the attendees. Adding to the atmosphere is a massive merry-go-round which is sure to trigger you favorite feelings of nostalgia. Even moving deeper into the dance floor the great vibes continue. Once of the best things about Decadence is that there is so much space in the venue you can find ample room to dance no matter which stage you are at. Everything about the event sets you up to have the best possible New Years!


Its not too late to get tickets! Grab yours HERE! 

By Madi Lawton


Desert Hearts Announces City Hearts Festival in Downtown LA

The Desert Hearts crew has been up to something special this past year. Not only have they taken on their largest tour to date, they’ve also created their own niche in the house and techno realm, and launched the Helping Hearts charitable division. Currently on their “Take The Ride” tour, the crew is bringing the complete Desert Hearts experience to the bustling city of Los Angeles with their brand new event, City Hearts Festival. This 10 hour open-air event makes its’ debut Sunday, November 17 at the Los Angeles Center Studios. Featuring groovy acts like Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and special guests Doc Martin b2b Marques Wyatt, don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable event.

The Desert Hearts crew is using the festival as an opportunity to engage their community for change and social action. With the launch of Helping Hearts, a charitable division of the Desert Hearts movement, 25% of ticket sales will be donated the Downtown Los Angeles Mission.

Tickets are available now.

Connect with Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts’ 'Take The Ride’ Fall and Winter Tour Dates
Sept 15 - Las Vegas, NV @ Terrace Afterhours w/ Lee Reynolds & Porkchop
Sept 16 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco w/ Crew
Sept 17 - San Diego, CA @ World Beat Center w/ Mikey
Sept 22 - Portland, OR @ Whiskey Bar w/ Crew
Sept 23 - New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den w/ Marbs & Porkchop
Sept 27 - Boston, MA @ Bijou w/ Crew
Sept 29 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Cash Only w/ Crew
Sept 30 - London, CAN @ Rum Runners
Oct 5 - Nevada City, CA @ Haven Underground w/ Mikey
Oct 6 - Bradley, CA @ Dirtybird Campout w/ Mikey & Porkchop
Oct 7 - Austin, TX @ Ethics w/ Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lubelski, & Kevin Anderson
Oct 7 - Ensenada, MX @ Groove Cruise w/ Marbs, Lee Reynolds, & Rybo
Oct 11 - Tallahassee, FL @ Techyes w/ Crew
Oct 12 - Atlanta, GA @ MJQ Concourse w/ Crew
Oct 13 - Orlando, FL @ Vinyl Arts Bar w/ Mikey
Oct 14 - Washington, DC @ Flash w/ Crew
Oct 20 - Denver, CO @ The Church w/ Crew
Oct 21 - Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s w/ Crew
Oct 27 - San Francisco, CA @ Public Works w/ Crew & Special Guest
Oct 28 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Switch w/ Crew
Nov 2 - Cleveland, OH @ Magnolia w/ Mikey Lion & Lee Reynolds
Nov 9 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Necto w/ Crew & Christian Martin
Nov 12 - Los Angeles, CA @ City Hearts Music Festival w/ Crew & Special Guests
Nov 17 - Houston, TX @ Cirque Noir w/ Crew
Nov 18 - Phoenix, AZ @ Goldrush w/ Mikey Lion & Lee Reynolds
Nov 25 - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf w/ Crew
Dec 1 - Chicago, IL @ The Mid w/ Crew
Dec 2 - Brooklyn, NY @ Teksupport w/ Crew
Dec 3 - Burlington, VT @ Sunday Night Mass w/ Mikey Lion
Dec 7 - Boulder, CO @ Fox Theater w/ Crew
Dec 8 - To Be Announced
Dec 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Coda w/ Crew
Dec 16 - El Paso, TX @ Club Here I Love You w/ Lee Reynolds & Porkchop
Dec 29 - To Be Announced
Dec 30 - To Be Announced
Dec 31 - To Be Announced
Jan 1 - Seattle, WA @ Monkey Loft w/ Marbs
Jan 5-8 - Tamarindo, Costa Rica @ Ocaso w/ Crew

Written by: Kimberlyanne Tan

BUKU Music + Art Project Announces Phase 1 of 2018 Lineup


NEW ORLEANS, LA (November 7, 2017) - BUKU Music + Art Project today announced the first round of artists for the seventh installment of the annual festival, taking place on March 9-10, 2018 at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. Phase 2 performers are expected to be announced after Thanksgiving and Phase 3 shortly after the New Year.

Inspired by the creative subculture of New Orleans, BUKU sits at the crosshairs of underground warehouse party and major urban music festival by fusing a progressive and diverse musical lineup with live street art, one-of-a-kind industrial art installations, local food vendors, and dozens of surprise “pop-up” performances. Each year, a portion of ticket proceeds from the event support The Upbeat Academy Foundation, an educational non-profit program for New Orleans youth that teaches the technical and creative skills of hip-hop music production.

Artists included in the Phase 1 Preview of the BUKU 2018 lineup are: visionary producer Bassnectar who will headline BUKU for the second time; indie favorites MGMT and Sylvan Esso; critically acclaimed breakout R&B/hip-hop/soul artist SZA; Australian DJ and producer Alison Wonderland; renowned hip-hop artists Isaiah Rashad and Flatbush Zombies; metal-influenced “gore-step” EDM producer Borgore; electronic and hip-hop producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa; British-born and Tokyo- and Hong Kong-raised indie-pop artist Bishop Briggs; EDM brother duo from Sacramento Hippie Sabotage; St. Louis futuristic funk and soul rapper Smino; genre blending DJ, fashion icon and trans-activist Honey Dijon; a showcase from Soulection, a progressive community and artist collective; entrancing up-and-comer producers CloZee and Jade Cicada; Louisiana native, LA transplant neo-R&B/alternative artist Zack Villere; and local DJ and designer Bouffant Bouffant.

New for 2018, the BUKU ROOFTOP will replace the S.S. BUKU riverboat. The multi-tiered structure and VIP-only space will continue to offer special amenities such as prime viewing of the main stage, seating and an open bar for guests 21+. Details for the VIP-only artist performances will be announced soon as well as other enhancements to the overall BUKU 2018 on-site experience.

General Admission, GA Plus, VIP 21+, VIP, and TOO BUKU VIP 2-Day Passes and Travel Packages for all ticket types are on sale now. When purchasing tickets patrons should be mindful that BUKU is an 18+ event. The option to purchase passes using a Payment Plan is available to fans upon checkout.  Additionally, BUKU will again be offering an optional Collectible 3D Magnet which can be paired with a ticket, featuring BUKU’s iconic “moon-eye” illustration which has a new iteration each year.

More information on tickets and ticket pricing can be found at

BUKU 2018 Phase 1 Lineup:
Alison Wonderland
Isaiah Rashad
Sylvan Esso
Flatbush Zombies
Mura Masa
Bishop Briggs
Hippie Sabotage
Honey Dijon
Jade Cicada
Zack Villere
Bouffant Bouffant

For additional information and to sign up to be the first to receive updates, including lineup announcements, ticket on sales, special offers and more, visit BUKU Music + Art Project on the following platforms:
Twitter: @thebukuproject
Instagram: @thebukuproject

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Relentless Beats Announces Final Lineup For Decadence Arizona


Additions Include: Boys Noize, Duke Dumont, Loud Luxury, Madeon, Paz and Sluggo

Limited Amount of $189 Festival Passes Still Available

Phoenix, AZ (November 2, 2017) - Relentless Beats has added a string of fan-favorite artists, to round out the lineup for Decadence NYE- Arizona’s largest two-day New Year’s Eve celebration taking place at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler on December 30 and 31, 2017. Presented by Relentless Beats and Global Dance, the fourth annual festival features some of electronic dance music’s biggest and most buzz-worthy artists. Boys Noize; Duke Dumont; Loud Luxury; Madeon; Paz and Sluggo are the newest additions to nearly 30 previously announced artists. This year Decadence AZ will feature two main stages, each with its own vibe and musical appeal- Diamond Atrium and Sapphire Ballroom, along with state-of-the-art production, dazzling carnival rides, an epic countdown & balloon drop, art walk, immersive decor, and much more.

Diamond Atrium:  Armin Van Buuren (AZ festival debut); Black Tiger Sex Machine; Borgore; Crywolf; Deorro; Galantis; Loud Luxury; Louis the Child; Medasin (AZ debut); Oliver Heldens; Party Favor; Sluggo; Snails; Steve Aoki; What So Not; Zedd and Zeds Dead b2b Jauz. 

Sapphire Ballroom:  Big Wild; Bijou; Boys Noize; Chet Porter; Destructo; Duke Dumont; Gerry Gonza; Justice (dj set/AZ debut); K?D; Madeon; Paz; Petit Biscuit; Rufus Du Sol; Tchami; Tokimonsta and ZHU. 

“New Year’s at Decadence is something that always should be over- the-top,” says Relentless Beats founder Thomas Turner. “This year we are going beyond the world-class acts, to give our fans the most elaborate and immersive experience yet. Think of it as a ’Thank You’ for a great 2017 and a toast to an even bigger new year.”

Rawhide Event Center is situated on the Gila River Indian Community and is Arizona’s largest 1880s western-themed entertainment venue. Located just south of Phoenix, the venue is just 20 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Chandler, AZ. Relentless Beats will be transforming Rawhide’s Frontier Hall into the Arizona’s biggest super-club for a decadent two nights. Guests are invited to indulge and live lavishly one last time, as they say good-bye to 2017 and prepare to welcome the fresh beginnings of a new year.

General Admission passes for Decadence AZ are on sale now for $189, plus fees for a 2-day pass. VIP passes will be available at two levels: Standard VIP, including everything that a GA tickets provides plus express VIP entrance, a commemorative lanyard, access to VIP lounge, access to VIP viewing deck, premium restrooms and passed desserts in the VIP areas. Platinum VIP includes everything that the Standard VIP pass includes, plus: complimentary drinks, side stage viewing at the main stage, access to artist hospitality lounge, steakhouse quality dinner, exclusive festival gift bag, and festival concierge. You must be age 21 and up to purchase Platinum VIP passes. Table service will be available at both main stages. Single day passes are now on sale for $109 and $119, before fees, for Saturday and Sunday respectively. For full details and all ticket options, visit Decadence Arizona is an ages 18 and over event.

Decadence Arizona is produced by Relentless Beats and Global Dance. Visit for the most up-to-date information on all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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Snowta NYE Announces Their Second Annual New Year's Eve Festival


Tickets On Sale Now

GA Passes and VIP Packages On Sale HERE

Enter to Win An Exclusive Flyaway Package HERE

Minneapolis, MN (October 31, 2017) - Snowta, the Midwest's largest indoor New Year's Eve music festival, has announced its second installment for this December 30 and 31, and will once again transform the Minneapolis Convention Center into a winter wonderland featuring live performances, art installations, interactive games, and pro athlete exhibitions. At the core of this one-of-a-kind, indoor festival is musical performances by bass-heavyweight Excision, with his custom stage production The Paradox, along with Pretty Lights (Live)Gucci ManePost Malone, and Ganja White Night. From top to bottom, the artist lineup features some of the top national (and regional) electronic, hip-hop and jam band talents. Snowta will also unveil a snowboard rail jam, pro skateboarding exhibition, alien lazer tag and human bowling. A place of innovation, connection, and community, Snowta NYE is special and one of the most unique indoor music festivals ever conceived. Produced by a team of festival and concert promoters with more than 60 years of combined expertise, Snowta NYE drew of 5,000 people in 2016. Based on this success (and rave reviews), the producers decided to expand this year's event to two days. Its rapid growth and unique mix of music, art, culture, and activities has made Snowta NYE one of the standout emerging music festivals in a very crowded scene. 

To celebrate Snowta's 2017 New Year's Eve line-up, the festival has teamed up with Your EDM for a special New Year's Eve Flyaway Sweepstakes! One winner and a guest will be treated to a very special New Year's Eve trip to Snowta, including roundtrip airfare, hotel, VIP passes, and a backstage artist meet and greet and NYE toast! For more information click here

"We have produced the largest EDM NYE event in Minnesota since 2010," says producer Alex Heiligman, "And we finally grew out of venues in the area and needed to find something bigger to match the demand. We have long talked about trying to fuse the amazing hip-hop and EDM communities here and thought of no better date to do it than the most celebrated night of the year in a true indoor festival setting." Alex also produces Infrasound music festival, listed as top 10 North American Festivals by UKF as well as #2 for the best festival sound system in North America on Everest.

Zack Chazin, the Snowta team's lead talent buyer, is a big part of the festival's success. In addition to helping curate Snowta NYE, Zack helps produce Zombie Pub Crawl (ZPC), in Minneapolis and 515 Alive in Des Moines, IA. ZPC currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most zombies in one place and this year's event drew 19,000 undead humans to downtown Minneapolis. In addition 515 Alive, the 2-day camping and music festival in 2017 realized its biggest year to date, drawing more than 20,000 partygoers. 

Last year, Snowta NYE established itself with a lineup that featured performances by Big GiganticTipperInfected MushroomWaka Flocka Flame and local favorites ProfBobby Raps, and Beak Nasty. In addition to this year's chart-topping headliners and an undercard jam-packed with artists that are thriving in their own lanes, Snowta NYE will make people's jaws drop with the main stage production. According to Zack Chazin, "We are stoked to have teamed with Excision's Paradox production crew to curate the main stage lighting and sound to be used by all main stage artists on both days."  Chazin adds that "Pretty Lights will be supplementing the paradox rig with his own lighting production, which will truly make for a one-of-a-kind Pretty Lights performance. Excisions' Paradox performance will also have some exclusive surprises that will make for one EPIC ball drop. Minneapolis can be a cold place in the winter, but Snowta's experiential mix of music, art, tech, and play will do more than its share to heat things up.  

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Freaky Deaky’s Colossal Lineups are a Force to be Reckoned With

Written by Arooj Mustansir


Freaky Deaky has revamped its annual Halloween extravaganza by revealing their plans to hold multiple events across the Midwest instead of their usual singular event in Chicago.  The events will be taking place on October 26-31 in cities with blooming yet intimate bass music scenes including Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor.  React Presents certainly outdid themselves in crafting multifaceted lineups for each city with tremendously gifted artists in the electronic music scene.


Here’s a breakdown of the lineups by city:


Milwaukee’s event will be taking place from October 27-28 at the Wisconsin Convention Center which is a stunning venue in the heart of downtown.  Day 1 will feature performances by Griz, Flatbush Zombies, Boogie T, and newly announced artists Opiuo and Plaid Hawaii which will surely have a funky and psychedelic vibe.  Things will get otherworldly night 2 with Bleep Bloop, Ganja White Night, Mija, Artifakts, and electronic music extraordinaire Bassnectar.

Bassnectar at Freaky Deaky 2015

Bassnectar at Freaky Deaky 2015

Freaky Deaky will honor their Chicago roots with 2 events every night at renowned venues Concord Music Hall and Aragon Ballroom during October 27-28.  Kayzo’s Doghouse Takeover will bring the ruckus at Concord Music Hall the first night.  Gorgon City, Chicago native Lee Floss, and Kidnap Kid will close out the following night.  The Aragon Ballroom will be the spot for deep house junkies on the 27th with performances by superstars Oliver Heldens, Klingande, and DrezoDillon Francis, WhatSoNot, and Parker will bring their infectious sounds to the venue on the 28th.  With their dynamic and energetic performances, it will definitely be a night to remember.

What So Not

What So Not

Michigan is known for its thriving music scene and React chose its premier music venues to host the events including The Intersection at Grand Rapids and The Necto in Ann Arbor. UK producer Zomboy will bring his heavy beats and EDM anthems to The Intersection on the 27th and Cash Cash will close out the festival at The Necto on Halloween Night.



With all the heavy hitters from across the EDM spectrum Freaky Deaky will be showcasing, it will without a doubt be the most legendary Halloween festival in the Midwest. The festival has changed the game by giving you an opportunity to catch acts that normally play huge Halloween festivals at intimate venues instead.  The variety of dates and proximity of the locations also gives nomadic festival goers a chance to catch events at multiple locations so your Halloween celebrations have endless potential.  Grab your tickets here to be a part of the biggest freak show of the year!


Festival Links:





Blossom at Sonic Bloom this June: Music Meets Meaning

The perfect coalition of music and conscious living, Sonic Bloom has provided attendees an unrivaled experience of transformational fun for over ten years. This year’s festival takes place June 15th-18th during the Summer Solstice of 2017.

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10 Things We Can't Wait To Experience At Lightning in a Bottle 2017!

Lightning in a Bottle is a festival nested in the valleys of Bradley, California that brings people from from and wide to participate in a four days of conscious partying! Not only does the festival offer amazing music, they also offer some incredible experiences that allow you to work hands on in a workshop setting exploring, art, music, movement, and more! Here are some of the experiences we're excited to have at LIB when we're not groovin' on the dance floor! 

1. The Sculpture

2. The Tea Dome 

3. Mova Gallery 360Dome.Pro Experience 

4. The Amori Casino & Burlesque for some late night fun!

5. Thing to Get Fast & Furious at the Soap Box Derby!


6. Getting cleaned up and beautified at the Do-Over beauty salon! 

7. Meeting our match at late night speed dating 

8. Getting lit at the public fire circle!

9. Learning some healthy lifestyle tips at the Learning Kitchen! 

10. Getting Boosted at the Doctor at The Grand Artique to get a vitamin B Shot to keep us going all weekend long! 

With everything that Lightning in a Bottle has to offer, make sure you go out and explore! We can't wait to see everything that it has to offer! 

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Shaky Beats 2017 Exceeds Expectations

        Shaky Beats Music Festival was hands down one of the most entertaining festivals I’ve seen in quite some time. With perfect up and coming artists to compliment a scenic Centennial Olympic Park, this festival was extremely well executed in just about every aspect imaginable. With three stages situated throughout the festival grounds, every act was within a 10 minute walk of one another with various amenities and concessions thoughtfully placed along each major road. Shaky Beats brought together the hottest electronic acts for 3 days of a jam packed memorable weekend full of positivity, love, and connection. With so many smiling faces and evident jubilation there was never a dull moment on this unforgettable weekend in the welcoming city of Atlanta. Situated within walking distance from downtown ATL, Shaky Beats was extremely accessible yet very conscious of all that was going on in the city aside from the music festival. The promoters of this event did a phenomenal job at organizing all the licenses necessary to ensure a smooth and swift weekend.

Photo Credit: aLive Coverage; Shot from Final Day Peachtree (Main) Stage

Photo Credit: aLive Coverage; Shot from Final Day Peachtree (Main) Stage

Photo Credit: aLive Coverage. Shot from GRiZ's set closing out Day 1

Photo Credit: aLive Coverage. Shot from GRiZ's set closing out Day 1

        Out of all the festivals I’ve attended, I can honestly say that I had little to no complaints at all. With various AirBnB’s located anywhere from 1-20 miles outside of the festival, traveling accommodations were not only affordable, but well worth the value. Seeing as this was not a camping festival, it was interesting to watch town of ATL enjoy a huge boom in millennial business come May 5th. Additionally, Shaky Beats organizers made sure that everyone had a safe, relaxing way to unwind from the craziness of each day. With perfectly orchestrated afterparties from artists such as Illenium, Slushii, Kaskade, Snails, Said the Sky, Ganja White Night, Mija, and Galantis (see full sets at the bottom of the article) the organizers of this event did a great job at shifting the festival madness from the outdoor park to various indoor venues to keep the city at bay during the early hours of the morning. 

       It’s difficult to properly highlight all the sets that stood out so in this article I’m going to do my very best to hype artists that I feel are well worth noticing for when they come by a town near you. With so much talent taking place over the course of one weekend, it’s nearly impossible to give each and every artists the respect and promotion they deserve. I would like to point out that every single artist on the bill treated the crowd and the festival as a whole with the utmost respect. Seeing as this was one of the first festivals of the season, every act came prepared with loads of unreleased material to compliment new sets and takes on previous work. Shaky Beats delivered, in my opinion, the strongest electronic lineup for a mid-sized festival in quite some time. Rivaling festivals such as Moonrise, Euphoria, and Camp Bisco, Shaky Beats stood out for it’s ability to provide a modern twist on the festival stigmas we have all come to know. The acts on this bill are sure to be the biggest influencers in electronic music over the course of the next few years and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if an act that opened one of the days was headlining the festival a few years down the road.

        As far as sets from Day 1 go, every act kicked off the festival with an incredible strong set. Whether it was the live set from Crywolf to kick off the Piedmont stage or Ekali laying down a hard hitting trap/future bass set on the Peachtree set or even rising future bass sensations ARMNHMR leading off the Ponce de Leon, it was evident from the very start that this weekend was going to be nothing short of spectacular. Festival goers started flooding in around 5PM and by 8PM the festival was jam packed with millennials of all ages and interests. It was truly inspiring to see thousands of people getting down to Boombox Cartel’s incredibly riveting set only to walk a few minutes over to Said the Sky’s live set and see fans supporting this up and comer with the utmost respect. As the day progressed with sets from Party Favor, Ganja White Night, and Alison Wonderland, you literally could not go wrong being at any stage of the festival.

Although there were slight overlaps in these time slots, the festival was laid out perfectly to allow you to catch every single act that you wanted. RL Grime filled up the MainStage at 8PM as he debuted his newest original “Reims” live for the first time and with Bonobo and the Knocks performing across the festival grounds, it was so reassuring to know that even if you were sick of such a big crowd that you could easily walk to another stage and enjoy great music with a little more room to dance. As always, Griz brought the heat and delivered a bunch of unreleased material to solidify himself as one of the most dominant acts in the game. The amount of Griz merchandise spotted throughout the festival was absolutely insane and just goes to show what a successful brand he’s developed with his motto of “Show Love Spread Love”. Followed by a jaw dropping afterparty from Illenium and Said the Sky, I would have to say that Day 1 was probably my favorite of the entire weekend. Despite the fact that Illenium wasn’t scheduled to perform until Saturday, he didn’t hold anything back and gave the fans a bunch of material off his newest album to compliment some of his favorite bangers ultimately taking form in one of the best afterparties I’ve been to in quite some time. 

After such an incredible experience on Day 1 it was hard to contain your excitement for the rest of the weekend. I will admit that I was a little tired after so much smiling and dancing throughout the course of one day but I was ultimately energized and amped to see what the rest of the artists had in store for Saturday and Sunday. My favorite sets from Saturday came from Young Bombs, Modern Measure, Haywyre, Slushii, Illenium, and Gramatik. I’m not the biggest fan of house music so unfortunately Saturday didn’t move me as much as the previous day.

Check out Full Sets at the bottom of the article!

With that being said, there was a tremendous amount of diversity within the house music genre whether it be hard hitting deep house/trap hybrids from JOYRYDE or electro-pop anthems from Galantis or even old school progressive house masterpieces from the legend Kaskade himself. As mentioned above, the amount of musical diversity on every stage was unbelievable. To transition from future bass/electro-pop oriented Young Bombs to funk, soul filled live piano from Haywyre, to some of the heaviest dubstep around from Slushii ultimately climaxing in one of the most inspiring and unique live sets from Illenium, Saturday was nothing short of spectacular. I definitely didn’t have as much musical comfort as the previous day but there was always something worth seeing regardless of what stage you were at. With that being said, just because house music isn’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean it isn’t great! It was evident that these artists had huge draws and truthfully if the fans are enjoying the music that’s all you can really ask for from a festival. In my opinion too many festivals are trying to cater to one specific crowd which often cannibalizing any other genres that make their way onto the lineup. Shaky Beats did a phenomenal job at executing a diverse lineup that catered to every single person in attendance. 

Sunday’s lineup closed out the festival with an absolute bang. By combining some of the heaviest acts in EDM with up and coming singer-song writers, Sunday’s bill took into account how everyone was feeling and provided a great balance between chill and hard hitting acts. Whether it was super laid back sets from acts like Echos, Little Dragon, Mutemath, or Wingtip to crazy dub/trap sets from Slander, Getter, LOUDPVCK, REZZ or Zed’s Dead, the last day of the festival engrained a positive memory in your mind. The energy towards sunset was at an all time high and it was clear that nobody wanted to festival to end. Luckily for those people, Shaky Beats managed to secure the biggest act in debatably all of music to close out the festival with a bang.

Despite all the negative rep the Chainsmokers have received, this closing set went to show exactly why this duo has skyrocketed to the top of every music chart out there. I’ve honestly never seen so many people at a single set and seeing as it was the final act of the festival, everyone in attendance made sure to give their all to the historic pop duo. Whether it was sensational remixes of their original tracks or throwback instrumentals such as Teach Me How to Dougie, the Chainsmokers displayed an immense amount of diversity and kept the haters at bay by being able to take the energy to an all time high and then keeping the vibe rolling for a chilled out rendition of various tracks off their debut album “Memories Do Not Open”. All in all, this was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend and despite what anyone else has to say, I will continue to support the Chainsmokers and all they’re doing for electronic music for years to come. 

In conclusion, Shaky Beats Music Festival was nothing short of spectacular. If you’ve made it this far into the article I can tell that you have some interest in music festivals as a whole. As an avid fan of electronic music and a sometimes skeptic of music festivals as a whole, I can assure you that you can not go wrong with this festival in the future. I’ve attended pretty much every major music festival around the country and for my personal comfort this festival was perfect. I love being able to come back to a nice room with a shower after a day of dancing and Atlanta provided the perfect opportunity to do just this without having to worry about renting a car and driving a ridiculous distance to get to the festival. The acts on this bill perfectly catered to the crowd and whether you’re a single guy looking to find his soulmate or someone going with good friends to have a good time, I would strongly recommend this festival to younger generations getting into the idea of music festivals. To any parents who are scared of the concept of letting their children go to a music festival, rest assured that festivals such as Shaky Beats are doing a phenomenal job at creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for new comers to enjoy their first festival experiences with a peace of mind. I look forward to attending this festival next year and for anyone who was unable to attend, I strongly suggest looking away from overpopulated festivals such as Bonnarroo or Electric Forest and into festivals like Shaky Beats that heavily invest in picking the perfect acts to balance a strong lineup with a reasonably sized crowd. 

Written By: Cooper Turley


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