Buku Music Festival Unveils a Lineup Filled with Insane Talent

Written by Arooj Mustansir

The city of New Orleans has always been a haven of culture and artistic expression so it is no surprise that one of its most cherished festivals is the epitome of that.  Buku Music Festival is back for its seventh consecutive year with a show stopping lineup featuring the likes of Bassnectar, A Day to Remember, Flatbush Zombies, Clozee, and Jade Cicada.  The lineup is abundant with an eclectic variety of electronic, rock, and hip hop artists which seamlessly complements the industrial ambience of the area.  The festival will be taking place from March 9-10 and we couldn’t think of a more ideal weekend getaway for musical thrill seekers.

Bassnectar at Buku Music Festival 2015

Bassnectar at Buku Music Festival 2015

Located in Mardi Gras World which is the epicenter of mayhem in New Orleans, the cityscape festival is bursting with psychedelic warehouse vibes everywhere you look.  From the elaborate graffiti art at the Front Porch installation to cruises in extravagantly decorated boats on the Mississippi River, every aspect of the layout is engaging in its own way and tantalizes your imagination.  Buku’s 5 stages are crafted with unhindered creativity while staying true to the cities roots.  The Power Plant and Back Alley are outdoor stages featuring backdrops of the river and historical parts of the area giving it a rugged yet mystic vibe.  The Float Den and Ballroom are indoor stages that are known for their staggering production while still maintaining an intimate sweat box atmosphere.  If you secure VIP Tickets then you are also granted access to the Buku Rooftop which is taking place of previous years S.S. Buku Boat and will have exclusive sets as well as elevated viewing of the stages! 


This is hands down our favorite city festival because it gives you an opportunity to experience heartfelt music in such an imaginative space all while being in one of the most entertaining cities on earth.  Not only is it a breathtaking place but it also always draws in some of the most loving and charismatic people around the country which makes it that much more worthwhile.  There’s always something going on in New Orleans so be prepared for a nonstop party well after the festival ends.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets are already sold out so be sure to snag Tier 3 tickets here to be a part of the madness!