Electric Forest 2018: Memories from Weekend 2

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Electric Forest is forever etched into our hearts after back to back weekends of unhindered bliss. There are so many elements of Shorewood Forest that weave together to create a vibrant experience that is treasured by the ever-expanding forest family. I have been to countless festivals over the years, and this one never fails to inspire me and draw me back every time. I’ve always been curious as to what aspects of the experience stuck out to others. So, I decided to get a perspective of the experience from the attendees that make it all worthwhile in the first place. Here are some of their favorite moments from Weekend 2:


“I loved stumbling upon all the intricate little doorways and hiding spots scattered about the forest. This place has so much detail, no matter how often I’d walk around I would always find something hidden in plain sight that I hadn’t seen before! People also left little trinkets and notes in many of them which made it that much more fun to look for them.

-      Melanie, Indiana 

The highlight of my weekend was ending my nights at the RV parties. The energy was always so wild even way after the sunrise. Every set was super engaging and felt so intimate. After spending every night with people who love to dance for hours just as much as I do, I know that I’ve finally found my people.

-      Mitchell, Wisconsin


“My favorite memory would have had to been Bassnectar’s set that weekend. He opened with the ‘Immersive Mixtape’ intro which is one of my all-time favorites. He also played ‘Voodoo’ which is a song I’ve been chasing for a while and there was no better feeling than seeing it while surrounded by all my best friends. Also, those lasers were next level! I’ve honestly never seen such intense lasers and lights in the forest before.”

-      Chris, Georgia


“I’ll never forget the moment I stepped back through the gates after the festival was evacuated. There was a storm going through the Midwest which forced the festival to temporarily shut down in the middle of the day. I was stuck at my campsite while it poured rain for hours and I was super worried the whole festival would get cancelled before the storm and I would miss my favorite artists. When it finally ended and I made my way back to the venue I was super grateful. Everyone else was just as thrilled as I was too!”

-      David, Illinois

“Zhu was the best performance I saw all weekend. I had never heard of him before so I was totally blown away at what a journey his set felt like. I’m always discovering new music every time I come here and he is definitely one of my new favorites now. It was the perfect sound for the sunset that day and set the tone for an amazing night for me.”

-      Dillon, Michigan

“This was the first year I completed the scavenger hunt and it was 100% worth it. I got to see parts of the forest and the Hangar that I didn’t even know existed before and earning it made it feel so much more special. I do not want to spoil the surprise for people who haven’t experienced it yet, but you should make completing that scavenger hunt a priority next year!”

-      Lauren, Wisconsin


“Walking through Reincarnation Village in the middle of the night felt like a dream. The lights were constantly shifting and the decorations looked like they came to life in a way. It was a completely different vibe than it had during the daytime which is what was so crazy to me. This was my first time at the festival and I’ve never seen a place like that anywhere else.”

-      Jason, Virginia

“The giving tree and the culture that surrounds it is so inspiring. What’s special about this place is that we all have a desire to make everyone’s time here special so we share gifts with one another. Some people pour hours into crafting unique gifts even though nothing at that level in return is guaranteed, but that selfless act of sharing is rewarding enough as it is. I always saw the giving tree filled every time I passed it which shows that there are many people dedicated to keeping that tradition and love alive.”

-      Jack, New York