7 Incredible Acts to Catch at Camp Bisco 2018

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Scranton’s Camp Bisco is only about 2 weeks away and the anticipation is growing exponentially by the day! The Montage Mountain throwdown will be taking place from July 12-14 for its 16th year. It is one of the most highly regarded electronic festivals on the east coast and all the massively gifted artists on the lineup are a testament to that. If you are having a tough time deciding who you want to see, here are our top must see acts for this year’s event!


1.  Bassnectar

Anyone lucky enough to catch multiple Bassnectar sets this year knows that he has been on a roll with delivering mind boggling sets that somehow keep getting better each time. This will be his 10th anniversary at the festival and he has made multiple posts already promising to that this performance will be exceptional. On top of that, he will be playing on Friday the 13th so I’m predicting this set will be one of the heaviest and darkest ones he’s ever played. There’s no better way to spend Friday the 13th than getting down with the king of the sound so seeing him is a must!  

2.   Space Jesus

Space Jesus is known for his enigmatic and heavy beats that seamlessly teleport you to another planet every time you hear them. The intergalactic legend will be playing two sets at this year’s Camp Bisco and with the versatility he has brought to all his performances this year I would make sure to go to both. He will be playing one of his regular sets Saturday which is likely to be high intensity and packed with classic bangers. His Sunday set will be downtempo which will take attendees on a one of a kind journey and be a pleasant contrast from his other one. Space Jesus' performance at last year’s festival was one of his greatest ones to date so I can only imagine what he has in store for this year!

3.  The Disco Biscuits


We can thank The Disco Biscuits for creating this one of a kind festival and having an ear for authentic and moving music. They founded the festival and made it a space where some of the finest electronic artists and jam bands worldwide are showcased. The band has traditionally played all three nights of the festival and are keeping that alive this year. Each set is soulful and booming with creativity so I recommend catching all 3 while you are there. They have amassed a following of diehard fans, many of who come to this festival just to see them because of how amazing they are. Longtime attendees will tell you that no Camp Bisco feels complete without catching a Disco Biscuits set so see them if you want to fully experience this festival.

4.  Zeke Beats

Australian producer Zeke Beats is one of the most impressive musicians around today. Just take a look at his ‘Devestate’ EP that came out earlier this year for a taste of the madness that goes on in his unwaveringly creative mind. Ever since he has debuted his music in the US, he raised the bar for fellow producers and earned the respect of thousands of loyal fans. His mixing skills are on par with his music production and he knows how to engage a crowd which is why he is a must-see act for us at this festival.  


5.  G Jones

Photo by Arooj Mustansir

Photo by Arooj Mustansir

G Jones has revolutionized the electronic music scene since he first started producing music and continues to do so today. He is about to release a brand-new album and debuted some new tracks at Electric Forest last week and they were nothing short of phenomenal. That set along with recent performances this past year were some of the most exhilarating ones I’ve ever witnessed from him. Based off all the passion he has been pouring into his music lately, you can expect his set to be filled with innovative sounds and unforgettable energy.     



6.  Liquid Stranger

Martin Staaf, aka the mastermind behind Liquid Stranger and the legendary Wakaan label will be bringing his unparalleled magic to Montage Mountain. His pioneering sound has paved the way for other experimental DJs to break through yet his music never fails to stand out. His collaborations with Wakaan artists shows he has an impeccable ability to find and enhance quality music which is why it is one of the most influential labels around. He has been a staple on the festival circuit and each of his sets are distinct and impactful and you can expect him to deliver at Camp Bisco as well. 

7.  Tipper

Tipper is arguably the most iconic name on the lineup because of the fact that he has been creating music for ages and inspires many of the other artists that will be playing at the festival.  Whether it is your 1st time or 100th time seeing Tipper, you will get to experience something completely fresh and unique because of how much effort he puts into his craft. It is a rare opportunity to catch a Tipper set at a festival with many other huge names on the lineup so I would take full advantage and make sure you do.

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