Buku Music & Arts Project 2018 Review

Written by Jenna Gutierrez

Now that we’ve all decompressed and are sliding back into our familiar routines, it’s safe to say that BUKU Music + Arts Project was the medicine we all needed to keep us music lovers satisfied till festival season is in full swing. Not only was BUKU thrilling to say the least, the staff was hospitable, kind and promoting love constantly, the grounds were gorgeous, and the expansion allowed traffic flow to be a breeze. All 30,000 in attendance seemed ecstatic to be apart of such a loving and vibey community. New Orleans welcomed us all with open arms and so much fun to be had. The energy of the city so perfectly parallels with Buku’s personality and charm, it’s almost as if they were made for eachother?


From the moment you entered, you were greeted with music and dancing. The ‘Front Yard’ was filled with water stations, tons of different food/drink options (obviously inclusive of Louisiana’s fine cuisine) and a bathroom section (that never got too apocalyptic, thankfully), not to mention plenty of huge hammocks and grass area to relax and wait for the next ‘Power Plant’ (main stage) act. You never had to worry about not feeling comfortable, amenities were conveniently placed and there were volunteers at the drop of a hat to help you in any way.


With everything else moving so smoothly, it was satisfyingly easy to focus on the music and memories to be made. Weaving through smiling faces, many of us made our way towards the river to experience the indoor stages like the Float Deck. Where many of us raged to the likes of Ganja White Night, Boogie T (back to back). The dynamic between this was undeniable and made the whole room break out into a party. The boys crushed it and we at Bass Feeds the Soul will absolutely be keeping our ears open for more sets of theirs this coming Spring/Summer.

Our girl, Clozee was a lovely set to walk into on day one. With the Louisiana sun kissing our skin, we danced into the colorful and energetic Mardi Gras float warehouse. Her organic and melodic sounds set ease to the atmosphere and allowed your body to flow. The sound of flutes and a bubbling brook rushed over the crowd along with the womps and deep underground bass. Yet again, we cannot wait to catch more of her this season.

Bassnectar at Buku 2018

Bassnectar at Buku 2018

The King of all things bass, Lorin, the man behind Bassnectar came in swinging heavily with a Raw Charles opener. The vibes were set at an all time high and the energy seeped through the crowd to touch each and every one of us uniquely. From start to finish, the set was a beautiful ride of dirty, dancey and of course bass. We are all ecstatic to see what he has instore for the handfuls of other sets he has planned for this year. Till then, we’ll all be drooling over Raw Charles and that ‘Ugly’ tease and dreaming up what is in store for Spring Gathering.

Rightfully we enjoyed some of these larger acts but there is always room for a stop, drop and get down. Especially when Buku made it so easy! Everywhere you went there was music pumping. The first night we stumbled upon an entrancingly decorated bicycle DJ - cart set up. What were these lovely folks playing? House music, of course! Dancing, smiling, and hula hooping humans alike congregated around the sound.


The ability to flow smoothly through this fest was flawless. The art pulled your eyes towards more art and fun, and the music streamed through the air, calling you to experience new and different things. You would turn to find a mind boggling mural or maybe a GIF generator to feast your eyes on for some time and have a few laughs with friends.

Overall Buku was a flawless stream of enjoyment and thrilling experiences, we thank you for yet another amazing event and look forward greatly to another weekend of fun at our favorite urban festival. Till next year, Merci Buku!